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Fraud comes in many forms today. Money laundering and terrorist financing remain major concerns. However, companies must also monitor waste and abuse, improper payments, and more. Companies have long struggled to prevent fraud and detect it if it does occur. Fortunately, technology is making it easier to do so. Automation makes it easy to cross-reference data in real time while monitoring transactions and crimes.

Technology, such as SpyCloud, allows organizations to detect new schemes while predicting traditional tactics. With the use of this type of technology, companies find it easy to uncover organized fraud rings. These programs use things such as predictive and adaptive analytics. Machine learning is of great help in preventing and detecting fraud, and companies are finding this technology is allowing them to experience fewer losses. 

Ongoing Challenges

Criminals continue to discover new ways to commit crimes. Authorities find it hard to detect and expose them thanks to the advanced methods they use. To do so, they need to match data points with activities to find abnormal events. This must be an ongoing process. To learn more, check out this additional reading.

A cybersecurity breach enables these nefarious activities. Real-time transaction monitoring is needed to identify and stop crimes quickly and accurately. Companies must take care when doing so, however. According to, this monitoring cannot interfere with the customer experience or the company risks losing business. How can a company detect and stop criminals without harming the customer experience?

Identifying and Stopping Fraud

To identify and stop fraud, a company must first capture data from across the organization and incorporate this data into an analytical process. Overlooking any department or channel within the organization increases the risk of fraudulent activity going undetected. In addition, all transactions, social networks, and high-risk anomalies must be monitored in real-time. Throughout this monitoring, the company must apply behavioral analytics so decisions can be made immediately.

The company cannot stop there. It must adopt an analytics culture that spreads across the entire organization. Data visualization is imperative at every level, and this visualization must include investigative workflow optimization. In addition, the company needs to make use of layered security techniques. This may include exploring the benefits of blockchain technology in fraud detection and prevention.

Choosing This Technology

When choosing which technology to use, the organization must ensure this technology will learn from complex data patterns. Criminals continue to increase in complexity, and technology must do the same. Otherwise, the criminals will also come out ahead.

Look for a program that makes use of sophisticated decision models. Ones that do so are better able to handle false positives, which will always be an issue. In addition. the program needs to pick up on network relationships. This allows those within the company to get a big picture of the criminal activities it is fighting.

Machine learning should be combined with tried-and-true techniques like random forests and logistic regression for the best results. This combination is very accurate and effective. In fact, it is superior to approaches that are based on rules. Learn more today as fraud detection and prevention must always be priorities. If they are not, a company may find itself in trouble very quickly.


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