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PVDF Encapsulated Incoloy 825 Control Line Tube

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PVDF Encapsulated Incoloy 825 Control Line Tube

Encapsulation of several components (Flat Pack) provides a consolidation that will help reduce equipment and personnel that is needed to deploy multiple single components. In many cases, a flat pack is mandatory as rig space can be limited.Hydraulic Control Lines depending on the length of the application are subjected to raw materials. Orbital welds have become unnecessary in our industry as well completions are often greater than the standard yield of a mill produced coil. Our seam-welded tubing production uses Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding machines. This process gives the operator the tools to perform a repeatable, high-quality weld. Our current equipment, together with cold-drawing machines allow us to produce OD Size ranges of 1/8” – 1” and Wall Thicknesses of 0.028” -0.095”. Common alloys for tubing products are 316L, 2205, 2507, 825, 625, and Monel 400.
Alloy Feature

Excellent resistance to reducing and oxidizing acids.Good resistance to stress-corrosion cracking.Satisfactory resistance to localized attack like pitting and crevice corrosion.Very resistant to sulfuric and phosphoric acids.Good mechanical properties at both room and elevated temperatures up to approximately 1020° F.Permission for pressure-vessel use at wall temperatures up to 800°F.
Chemical Processing.Pollution-control.Oil and gas well piping.Nuclear fuel reprocessing.Components in pickling equipment like heating coils, tanks, baskets and chains.Acid production.
Dimensional Tolerance
ASTM B704 / ASME SB704, Incoloy 825, UNS N08825, Inconel 625, UNS N06625
ASTM B751 / ASME SB751
Size OD Tolerance OD Tolerance WT
1/8’’≤OD<5/8’’ (3.18≤OD±0.004’’ (±0.10 mm)±12.5%
5/8≤OD≤1’’ (15.88≤OD≤25.4 mm) ±0.0075’’ (±0.19 mm) ±12.5%
Meilong Standard
Size OD Tolerance OD Tolerance WT
1/8’’≤OD<5/8’’ (3.18≤OD±0.004’’ (±0.10 mm)±10%
5/8≤OD≤1’’ (15.88≤OD≤25.4 mm) ±0.004’’ (±0.10 mm) ±8% 

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