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Green tea Extract Catechin Supplements for women, Vital Beautie Meta Green Slim

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Green tea Extract Catechin Supplements for women, Vital Beautie Meta Green Slim

Vital Beautie, created by Amorepacific Corporation, has long been South Koreans’ go-to brand for health and beauty. According to Amorepacific, Vital Beautie Meta Green Slim is a weight loss pill that is to be taken after a meal to increase metabolism and trim body fat. It would be a great product to keep the body healthy in the summer.

Korean No.1 Greentea extract supplement

Meta Green Slim contains pure green tea catechin and vitamin C for healthy weight loss and is among the best weight loss supplements in Korea. Simply by taking three pills every day, Meta Green Slim can help a person achieve a lower body fat percentage. The most repurchased weight loss supplement has sold over 7 million bottles up until today with approximately 20,000 reviews. More than 1.9 million customers across Korea have tried Meta Green and three pills are sold every second. Furthermore, it has received awards from seven media outlets including Allure, Cosmopolitan and Powder Room.

Why Meta Green Slim?

In the clinical trials of green tea extract (catechin), it was demonstrated that Meta Green Slim can achieve a reduction in 9 body indicators including weight, waistline, and body fat.

What’s more, Meta Green Slim used a caffeine-reduction technology to reduce the risk of consuming too much caffeine. It also contains an antioxidant, vitamin C, to help neutralize free radicals in the body while the enteric coating technology allows it to pass through the acidic stomach and prevent heartburn, or feeling of bloating or heavy in the stomach. Furthermore 4-free (magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide and microcrystalline cellulose) formulation technology allows safe daily intake.

Amazon Best-Selling Green tea Supplements – Meta Green Slim

As the season of interest in exercise and weight loss returns, customers’ interest in Meta Green Slim has also increased. On April 6, VITAL BEAUTIE Meta Green Slim achieved 2nd place in the Amazon Best Sellers – Green Tea Herbal Supplements category.

Verified Amazon users strongly recommends Meta Green Slim.

“When a package arrived, I liked the color and design of the bottle. A friend of mine recommended this product to try as I am on a diet. Along with exercising, I’ve been taking 3 capsules per day for 2 weeks as instructed, so I think it definitely helped me lose weight by around 2-3 lbs. Its description said, it also improves blood cholesterol levels as well as reduces body fat. I will need to carry this bottle while travelling for the next 1 month to see if it really works for me.  I am satisfied with my purchase and excited to see results in a few weeks!” – L***

“I have a lot of experience taking supplements for a few days and then quitting cuz the supplements make me sick, such as heart palpitations, dizziness and dull head. Anyway, one day I had a friend who lost a lot of weight and seemed to have gotten in shape … I started researching the pills and found there were no side effects at all. In fact, it was safe and effective for a large company that makes skin or health products. In Korea, this product is famous for its very good effects.” – M***

“Recently I got some weight and I felt little uncomfortable my body! So I decided to do some excise but I tried few days and I could not continue because my life style. My work and work! when I met some my friends and one of my friend recommended this pill for diet, and I bought and took the pills every day for about 3 weeks now, and I feel that my belly feels flatter and feel light my body!! I recommend to my sister who has same issue.” – A***

Meta Green slim can be a good choice to keep the body ready and healthy for the summer_ Effective fat burner for women.

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