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Gyfted Debuts Hidden Talent Discovery AI Platform Based on Unbiased Recruitment

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Gyfted Debuts Hidden Talent Discovery AI Platform Based on Unbiased Recruitment

Gyfted’s talent acquisition platform helps find candidates and screen talent seamlessly, while saving time, cutting costs and eliminating unconscious bias.

Gyfted is an AI startup founded at Stanford University by dr Michal Kosinski and entrepreneurs Robert Kowalski and Adam Szefer. Gyfted, with its counterintuitive approach to how organizations source and screen talent, represents a new era of anonymous job search and unbiased hiring of hidden talent in the world’s largest job market – remote workers.

Recruiters can’t keep up with the new remote/hybrid job market

In today’s remote and hybrid job market, finding the right candidate for an open position has become extremely challenging. Remote and hybrid have increased the number of factors by which alignment and job matching happen along – and recruiters are finding it hard to keep up with sourcing talent for non-remote roles, and with screening talent in remote and hybrid roles. We’re seeing the rise of a dual job market. Per LinkedIn data, over 51% of job-seekers want fully remote jobs, while only 15% of job posting companies offer such positions.

Unbiased recruitment

Gyfted’s new platform aims to revolutionize the hiring process by focusing on unbiased and anonymous evaluations of potential employees. Through a combination of anonymized candidate profiles and comprehensive assessments, Gyfted allows employers to discover hidden talent and build a more diverse workforce. Gyfted’s blind hiring is designed to eliminate unconscious biases in recruitment. This process entails the removal of personal information, such as age, gender, race, minority status, and photos, from candidate profiles.

At the heart of Gyfted’s approach is the concept of “job matching,” which focuses on matching not only for skills and experience, but above all for ability, learning agility, growth potential and cultural fit – basically, matching managers and candidates around preferences. Candidate feedback tools are core to the platform and candidates love the feedback they receive via Gyfted, which they can use for self-development and career development purposes.

Discovering hidden talent

Discovering hidden talent means finding high potential talent that lacks signaling power. One of the key features of Gyfted is its focus on candidates’ abilities, personality traits and working styles. Through gamified assessments, the platform evaluates each applicant’s strengths and potential. Gyfted focuses hard on company culture matching via insights into how candidates fit into teams, and vice-versa. Applicants specify their preferences in terms of values and work style, ensuring they are matched with teams that align with their preferences.

Gyfted’s recruitment platform is built around technology and advanced algorithms, it creates a more human-centric approach to hiring by protecting candidate privacy via anonymous job search and blind hiring. By removing biases, Gyfted promotes fairness in the job market, ensuring that the best talent is discovered. Research has shown that teams diverse in thought, thinking styles, and personal strengths tend to be more innovative and perform better. By facilitating a more diverse hiring process, the platform has the potential to significantly impact team performance.

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