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SMS Marketing done right with TxtCart, a human-powered platform for conversational SMS Marketing and Cart Recovery

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SMS Marketing done right with TxtCart, a human-powered platform for conversational SMS Marketing and Cart Recovery

TxtCart empowers businesses to grow by recovering abandoned carts and boosting ROI through authentic conversations.

TxtCart, a renowned SMS Marketing solutions provider, is leading the charge with human-powered conversational SMS marketing and cart recovery. TxtCart is on a mission to help e-commerce businesses realize and harness the power of SMS to power customer journeys.

With the rise of online shopping, abandoned carts are an increasing concern for e-commerce businesses looking to drive sales and revenue. The e-commerce industry has been reeling from billions of dollars lost in revenue from abandoned carts before checkout. With over 70% of online carts forgotten, TxtCart steps in to help businesses convert over 33% of abandoned carts and drive over 35 times ROI. The platform is designed to increase conversions through human-powered SMS conversations.

TxtCart’s deep understanding of e-commerce businesses’ challenges has facilitated the development of SMS marketing solutions that deliver results. The team at TxtCart is committed to ensuring that online stores are running at peak performance with optimized customer experiences.

Texting has become a widely preferred marketing method since most customers have expressed their distaste for phone calls. TxtCart introduces simple but impactful features that turn simple SMS marketing into real conversations with customers. The two-way texting feature enables honest conversations that help businesses understand their customers and drive conversions. SMS marketing is effective, convenient, and reliable, making it the future of recovering abandoned carts and customer engagement.

As a leader in SMS abandoned cart recovery and marketing, TxtCart provides an easy way for e-commerce businesses to engage their customers even after they leave the website. “We engage your customers, help them to make more informed purchasing decisions, and increase your business revenue.” TxtCart’s human-powered approach enables text personalization and facilitates connections with customers and prospects. The platform focuses on striking authentic conversations rather than sending automated SMS blasts.

“Our goal is to reach out and understand cart abandoners before sending over a discount. It helps us identify what motivates your shoppers to complete check out and help you strategize for higher conversions.”

In addition, the TxtCart platform supports powerful customer segmentation, allowing businesses to personalize campaigns using behavioral data like customer spending power, past interactions, and more. Businesses can also send reminders and announcements for specific customer segments and use the platform’s actionable insights and analytics to optimize conversational SMS marketing efforts. TxtCart integrates with Shopify, providing a seamless plug-and-play solution for SMS marketing for Shopify stores and other apps like ReConvert, Zipify, CartHook, and more. 

“Whether you’re looking to boost sales, promote loyalty programs, or engage with VIP customers, SMS marketing can take your business to the next level.”

Trusted by industry-leading experts and thousands of fast-growing global brands, TxtCart introduces a new era of SMS marketing that goes beyond basic automation to tailor customer shopping experiences.

Visit to learn more and get started with a 14-day free trial.

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