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Lovely Poo Poo Launches Septic Safe Toilet Paper Reduces Carbon Footprints and Deforestation.

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Lovely Poo Poo Launches Septic Safe Toilet Paper Reduces Carbon Footprints and Deforestation.

Lovely Poo Poo Launches Septic Safe Toilet Paper Reduces Carbon Footprints and Deforestation.
eco friendly toilet paper

Lovely Poo Poo launches innovative, septic safe toilet paper. Lovely Poo Poo septic-safe toilet paper has  super soft material, which allows the toilet paper to easily dissolve once flushed down the toilet without causing any clogs or blockages. The dissolving process takes place very quickly in the septic tank and uses up less water than regular toilet paper.

There are basically two types of septic systems: biological and chemical. Biological systems use bacteria to break down solid waste, while chemical systems rely on enzymes to do the job. Both can be overwhelmed by an influx of non-biodegradable materials such as plastics and/or excessive non-biodegradable materials such as toilet paper (both of which take about 20 years to break down).

Septic-safe toilet paper is a type of eco friendly toilet paper that does not contribute to the clogging of septic systems. This is important because the main purpose of septic systems is to filter out solids before they enter the sewage system. “Special” toilet paper has been manufactured for decades and has come in a variety of forms, from single-ply, to triple-ply, scented, bleached, colored, etc. While many people believe that septic system problems are caused by people using too much toilet paper in general, this is not true. The real culprit is non-septic-safe toilet paper, especially two-ply and/or scented varieties, including standard (non-septic-safe) tissues and facial tissues.

“Our septic safe toilet paper reduces the amount of time you need to spend cleaning your toilet since it does not leave behind any pieces of paper or lint. At the same time, Lovely Poo Poo septic safe toilet paper is highly absorbent and can handle even the toughest cleanup jobs without leaving behind a mess.” According to a company representative.

Lovely Poo Poo produces 100% sustainable toilet paper products made of cotton and bamboo fiber, making them totally septic-safe while also being soft, durable, and comfortable to use. The eco-friendly material is manufactured in a sanitary environment to ensure that the manufacturing process does not release any harmful ingredients into the environment. The raw materials are also sourced locally to make the product completely sustainable and environmentally friendly. The toilet paper is sold in a cardboard box, which can be recycled or reused to store or transport other items. This way, Lovely Poo Poo helps people save money on plastic bags and boxes! For detailed information about Lovely Poo Poo and its products, please visit

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