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Written by Author Gohar Yasin Chaudhary, Program Your Mind takes readers from depression to happiness

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Written by Author Gohar Yasin Chaudhary, Program Your Mind takes readers from depression to happiness

Program your mind provides cheat codes to a happy life

Author Gohar Yasin Chaudhary announces the release of Program Your Mind, a book set to become a classic in the self-help genre.

People often mistake the functions of the mind, causing them to delve into feelings of depression. They are left helpless, facing a flurry of negative racing thoughts to a point where the mind needs to be re-programmed to focus on happiness. Here to give his readers the cheat codes to taking back control of life is Program Your Mind by Gohar Yasin Chaudhary, which helps readers take control of their minds.

It’s rare to see a book make it to the market that offers a life-changing path to individuals in the most practical way possible. The comprehensive compilation of exercises outlined in the book harnesses the mind’s true potential and helps persevere and ground negative thoughts that hold an individual back. For people currently struggling with depression and anxiety, this book is more than just a shoulder to lean on. It gives them elaborate solutions filled with concepts like The Gratitude Grid, association and conditioning of the mind, energy spectrums, attaching energy to thoughts, and a myriad of food for contemplation.

With the growing influence of social media in our lives, people indulge in a needless and futile exercise to garner likes and shares to validate their standings as important and caring individuals. But where happiness seems far-fetched with all the deception and fabrication surrounding people, Program Your Mind leads the reader back into the game and helps them emerge stronger.

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Gohar Yasin Chaudhary holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, MBA from LUMS, Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering from UET, and notable qualifications in mind-related studies. He is an industrialist and philanthropist with hands-on experience in running corporations and business units spanning over the last three decades. He has done vast scientific research on the working of the mind and human behavior. In an endeavor to help people help themselves and to do the greatest service, he holds seminars and workshops to train people to regulate their minds and help them lead happy and successful lives. 

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Twitter: @goharychaudhary

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