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Female Entrepreneurs: The Fastest Growing Category Of Entrepreneurship

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Female Entrepreneurs: The Fastest Growing Category Of Entrepreneurship

For decades, women have been paving the path for entrepreneurs in every industry. From Estée Lauder, who started her cosmetics company in the 1940s, to Ruth Fertel, who intended to open the best steakhouse in the world—Chris Ruth’s Steak House—women entrepreneurs, have proven that they can overcome economic and business challenges to achieve their goals. In recent years, the study of women’s entrepreneurship has experienced significant growth, gaining a broad consensus among academics and contributing to understanding all those factors that explain the difficulty of women in undertaking an entrepreneurial career.

“The profound feeling of sheer freedom that comes with extreme sports, wild adventures, and adrenalin-loaded outdoor fun is one of the purest ways to touch the true spirit of the American dream. I have a deep patriotic vein running through me and a strong desire to bring light into people’s lives. To find ways to give back. To inspire people to experience life.”- Casey Bishop

There is no possibility that someone who has a great desire for something and pursues it will not be successful at some time in their lives. Casey Bishop-Yeakey, a tennis player and extreme sports lover, is a beautiful illustration of such people. She grew up on a cattle ranch in Northern California and traveled extensively throughout the United States. She spent her childhood branding calves, riding horses through the hills, and riding motorcycles around the Ranch, living a life of complete freedom.

Bishop has a strong interest in rodeo and rodeo fashion because she spent her childhood riding horses. Rodeo is a competitive equestrian activity that evolved from cattle herding methods in Spain and Mexico and has since spread throughout the Americas and to other countries—originally developed to meet the needs of working vaqueros and later cowboys in what is now the western United States, western Canada, and northern Mexico. It is now a sporting event involving horses and other cattle, aiming to put cowboys and cowgirls to the test in terms of ability and speed. Tie-down roping, team roping, steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding, bareback bronc riding, bull riding, and barrel racing are everyday activities in American-style professional rodeos. Casey’s Instagram @cowgirltennis is full of photos of her and her family dressed up in rodeo gear. Casey grew up spending time with her family around a bonfire and listening to country music. She chose to establish her brand, American Bonfire, after falling in love with the style of cowboy sunglasses and being always into western design.

During the start of American Bonfire, Casey faced many hardships and was hustling her business out of the barn on her property for the first couple of years, packing items on her own and selling everything; yet, the start of her company was not as good as it is now. On the other hand, Casey refused to give up and tried everything to realize her ambition. Finally, in 2019, Bishop soon progressed to the point where she could outsource her shipments, allowing her to enter the wholesale market. Later in 2019, American Bonfire CO expanded overseas, with locations in Canada, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand offering the product.

Her love for the western way of life, adventure, and independence became stronger as the years passed; her desire for adventure grew stronger with each passing year, increasing her enthusiasm for outdoor activities. Casey was asked about the reason for her business during an interview; Casey replied, “A blend between heritage and passion. My roots run deep in western culture. Growing up on a cattle ranch taught me true grit and working hard. Love for our country, for freedom. I have always been one to seek adventure – it excites my soul. I am also super passionate about bringing light into the world. It is important that the company that I represent encompasses all of this – Do good, love your country, love God, say YES to whatever adventure is put forth before you. I truly believe if you work to bring light into people’s lives, good things happen.” 

Casey also believes in building a relationship and the value of belonging to a community. “Another core is how we conduct ourselves,” she explains. We want to make a positive difference in your life. There were a lot of smiles, laughter, and a sense of belonging.” She feels that the meaning of life is to help one’s loved ones. Casey, who is incredibly extroverted, spends as much time with her family and friends. She shares lovely photos of herself with her friends and family daily. Spending time with family and friends creates confidence. Parents may help their children develop self-esteem by teaching them problem-solving and communication skills. They can also serve as role models for loving themselves without demeaning others. The awareness that they are treasured and appreciated by their loved ones instills confidence in both parents and children. Casey also has a tremendous desire to try new things. When she’s not interacting with her family outside, she indulges in extreme sports like the rodeo. Breakaway roping, horseback riding on the family ranch, helicopter shooting, trap/skeet shooting, snowboarding, wakeboarding, backroads exploration with the windows down and traveling off the usual path, and, in principle, anything that gives her an Adrenaline rush are among her favorite activities. “I’m always looking for the next experience!” she says. I’m a sucker for anything that’s a little out there!”

Casey craves freedom and the thrills that come with it. “The profound sensation of total freedom that comes with extreme sports, wild adventures, and adrenaline-loaded outdoor pleasure is one of the purest ways to touch the true essence of the American dream,” she remarked in a recent interview. In addition, I have a tremendous desire to bring light into people’s lives and a solid patriotic vein running through me. To look for ways to help others. “To motivate others to live life to the fullest.”

Even though female entrepreneurship and the establishment of female-owned company networks are on the rise, female entrepreneurs confront a variety of hurdles and obstacles. Traditional gender roles, which are structurally internalized by society, are a big problem for female entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is still viewed as a male-dominated sector, and changing this perception may be difficult. In addition to coping with the popular stereotype, female entrepreneurs face several challenges in their firms. On the other hand, Casey is always encouraging young entrepreneurs to try new things, and she is the ultimate example of perseverance.

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