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German Efficiency For MBA Studies Tackle Academic Writing And Research Effortlessly With Kristina

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German Efficiency For MBA Studies Tackle Academic Writing And Research Effortlessly With Kristina

German Efficiency For MBA Studies Tackle Academic Writing And Research Effortlessly With Kristina
Aim for distinction while saving a massive amount of time and suffering with German Kristina Yahnke’s proven step-by-step process for very efficient academic writing and research

Completing a MBA or similar degrees is no easy feat – what more if one’s trying to balance part-time studies, a successful career, parenting, a happy private live etc.? Having coached over 350 students from around the globe over the last years, academic coach Kristina Yahnke (37 years of age) decided to transform all the knowledge she has gained and her own experiences as doctorate student into an online course.

After struggling massively with researching and writing for her own Executive MBA degree a few years back, Kristina started a passion project of coaching/mentoring to help other students overcoming their struggles with academic work when the daunting deadline comes up. She gives them the support she was missing! Through her easy digestible and professional program “30 Day MBA” under the umbrella of her brand “With Kristina”, she shares her efficient method to tackle assignments in no time and the final dissertation in unbelievable 30 days. And that is not all. She also promises to massively reduce the effort as she effectively guides her program participants one step after the other using bite-sized videos, screenshares, workbooks and a 30-day journal. You think that is impossible? That is what she believed until she had figured it out (the hard way). Ultimately, it all boils down to having the right strategy (and mindset) in place.

Kristina shares: “Academic research and writing for a degree like the MBA is complex and difficult. And thus, it is exhausting, especially for busy professionals. That is why many MBA students (including myself) tend to either push their studies aside and procrastinate or turn into perfectionists and get lost in detail. That is why almost half of my fellow Executive MBA students at Henley Business School that started their degree with me either gave up or cracked under the (peer-)pressure and never graduated. That depicted the starting point of my coaching career.”

Unlike most academic coaches, the methods Kristina developed over time are unique since she focuses not only on excellence, but also more on the important time aspect. Kristina herself follows her specific and successful methodology for her own doctorate (DBA) and Master of Science (MSc) studies while being a new mom, wife and running her own company. She acknowledges the reality that deadlines can be terrifying, and with the majority of her students being hard working professionals in good positions, they have everything but time to sufficiently write and research. Some even played with the thought of hiring a professional ghostwriter to do their work for them. Instead, Kristina helps them step-by-step in a non-academic and easy-understandable language (and without wasting their time unnecessarily) through her signature academic writing course called “30 Day MBA.” She truly believes in her students and motivates them offering a 100 USD cash back or 100 USD donation in a charity of their choice once they successfully submitted their final dissertation.

While every university has different requirements, the international standards for MBA students are very similar. In this online course, Kristina shares the necessary foundations including the removal of mind blocks, a quick prep work and planning, 9 simple steps to research and write and finally finishing touches. On top of that, she offers live support and exclusively works with a handful of VIP students to realize their MBA in no time.

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About With Kristina

With Kristina offers academic coaching services to MBA students struggling with academic writing and research. It was founded by German Kristina Yahnke, a passionate academic coach, wife, and mother whose unique methods have proven to help students short on time achieve academically without the time-waste and headache.

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