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Infidelity, Divorce, and Grief Addressed by Christina Renee for Busy Women Who Want to Overcome Adversity and Transform Their Lives

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Infidelity, Divorce, and Grief Addressed by Christina Renee for Busy Women Who Want to Overcome Adversity and Transform Their Lives

Christina Renee works with women aged 40 and above facing infidelity and divorce. She helps such women address the accompanying grief, anger, and humiliation. Christina leverages her own experiences to normalize healing and creating a joyous life.

According to announcements released by Christina Renee Speaks and Christina Renee, she coaches women who are living with infidelity and have undergone divorce. These events are emotionally distressing and lead to grief. Women may struggle to understand what happened and why it had to happen to them.

Through her book, The Silent Grief of Infidelity and Divorce, Christina addresses the proverbial elephant in the room. Infidelity results in broken homes and distraught partners but is seldom discussed in a manner that helps women remain psychologically stable and maintain their wellbeing.

Christina works with women aged 40 and above and helps them overcome this debilitating pain. Christina helps women unburden themselves, get healed, and move ahead with their lives.

Christina believes that the beliefs that drive traditional therapy place the onus of saving the marriage on the woman, even when the situation is not her making. According to sources, Christina understands that being stuck in an adulterous relationship can harm one’s long-term wellbeing. Moreover, this is invariably a lonely phase in one’s life with no support forthcoming. 

Even with access to counseling, women grapple with questions and unsatisfactory answers. The situation becomes a morass, and one’s spirits begin to sink.

She shares her personal journey of love, marriage, divorce, being let down by people, custody battle, hope, faith, inspiration, and survival. Her vulnerability and transparency have been her weaknesses but have also enabled people to understand her for what she is. She wants her story to guide and inspire others.

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Christina Renee of Christina Renee Speaks said, “The biggest motivation to start Christina Renee was my personal battle with Infidelity. I was married to a minister that committed adultery early in my marriage and for most of my marriage, I felt alone. I was told it was not a big deal and never got clear answers or closure. Pastoral counseling and traditional therapy threw me a pill for depression and insisted that I work on becoming a better wife.  The vicious act of infidelity was never addressed.

Then, I was hit with a divorce battle that almost took me out. I met other women who shared the same or similar stories and realized that this was not only my problem, but others lived this truth as well. Often people would share with me that they tolerated infidelity because they did not want to deal with the public shame. I started a movement, Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day, to bring awareness to the consequences of infidelity as I was angry and frustrated with how the betrayed are often treated. During this time, I realized that awareness is important, but many women are stuck and need hope. After much reflection, Christina Renee Speaks was birthed.”

About the Company:

Christina Renee Speaks offers an infidelity and divorce support circle for women who are healing alone. Christina helps women see the light at the end of the tunnel through her writing and coaching. Her forum is a safe space to grieve and face challenging moments.

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