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Auctus Metal Portfolios Forecasts Immense Buying Opportunities in Gold, Silver and Platinum

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Auctus Metal Portfolios Forecasts Immense Buying Opportunities in Gold, Silver and Platinum

Based on present fundamentals and immense pressures being placed on the demand side of the metals market equation, Auctus Metal Portfolios is extremely bullish on Gold, Silver, and Platinum. Auctus Metal Portfolios is a Singapore headquartered advisory offering investment management portfolio advice as well as the procurement and tax-free, bonded vault storage of physical precious metals.

Auctus algorithmic models dictate investment decisions that are designed to maximize net returns and deliver a significant outperformance versus a static holding of either Gold or Silver.

We often come across a viewpoint from our new clients who believe that all of the world’s economic troubles have been caused by the impact of Covid-19 and believe that once vaccines and boosters are aggressively rolled out, everything will return to normal. This assumption is unfortunately wildly inaccurate and could not be any further from the actual hard truth.” – says Founding Partner David Mitchell.

A year later, global debt levels have exploded to catastrophic levels. The direct policy reaction to the Covid crisis has been an exercise in destroying the debt loads by extreme and stealth currency inflation on a global scale. US broad money supply has risen by thirty percent since March 2020, setting a new monetary record, which has set off severe inflation, with USA CPI reaching a 30-year high of 6.8%. Central bankers and policymakers have been forced to publicly accept that their inflation prognosis was faulty. Inflationary forces at this juncture are very deep-rooted and hence ‘transitory’ wording has been revoked, and under intense political and public pressure, we are now seeing a rapid tapering of QE (Quantitative Easing) by the US Federal

Today’s asset markets are beset by circumstances that remain somewhat perilous when considering their valuations. It is very much the global collateral (equities, housing markets, and bonds) that is supporting the global debt mountain and leverage, which are all priced to economic perfection and built off zero percent interest rates and enormous global monetary aggregate expansion.

The Buffett Indicator (market capitalization-to-GDP ratio) was designed to assess how expensive or cheap the overall stock market is at any given time. It was proposed as a metric by Warren Buffett, who called it “probably the best single measure of where valuations stand at any given moment.” The market is currently valued at approximately 70% above the rising long-term 100-year average, which implies extreme valuations are present, based on extreme real negative nominal interest rates. At present, the world is experiencing the worst real negative interest rate yield since the 1970s, which historically drove precious metal prices exponentially higher during the 1970s and into 1980. This only ended when US interest rates were raised beyond 20%.

Presently, the world is experiencing the worst “real negative interest rate yield” since the 1970s, which drove precious metal prices exponentially higher during the 1970s and into 1980, which ended when US interest rates were raised beyond twenty percent.

Auctus Metal Portfolios advises that big profits can be made from buying gold, silver, and platinum in early December and February. The brand’s spokesperson points out the highly distinguished, seasonally-driven cyclical buying opportunities throughout the year.

Research and macroeconomic analysis determine that Gold and the metals market is firmly in the grip of a very dynamic multi-year secular bull market. Auctus Metal Portfolios advises that its clients refrain from attempting to try time rallies and dips and rather take advantage of the fact that the precious metals asset market is severely undervalued at this stage of the cycle.

Recognizing seasonal trading patterns in precious metals and in particular pricing anomalies between the 5 key precious metals that they deal in: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium is Auctus Metal Portfolios’ real forte. They assist clients seeking to maximize investment prospects in precious metals by looking for well-defined pricing anomalies based on constructive supply-demand metrics amongst a total of 55 variables, live metals data feeds, which are utilized to inform numbers-driven investment decisions.

For more information about investing in physical precious metals and invaluable metal, trading insights are available via Auctus Metal Portfolios’ official website:

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