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Truss Manipulator Before And After The Use Of Matters Needing Attention

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Truss Manipulator Before And After The Use Of Matters Needing Attention

The use of truss manipulator is increasingly widespread, single in the process of use will encounter this or that problem, cause some unnecessary losses to the enterprise, in order to reduce the failure rate of the truss manipulator, next to share the truss manipulator before and after the use of matters needing attention.

Precautions Before performing this operation

Before the operation of the truss manipulator to verify that the direction of the motor is consistent, to open the power supply and to check or confirm that all the workpiece has been reinforced, so as not to cause the workpiece slip or loose configuration in the process of operation, and to check whether there is water or oil in the electrical control box to avoid line operation.

Precautions during operation

In the process of the work of the truss manipulator, users should pay attention not to stretch their hands or fingers into the gap of the mechanical wall, so as not to clamp or crush or even cause more serious accidents, nor can it extend into the top of the mechanical wall or the upper part of accessories and shall not shake the mechanical arm in the process of operation to avoid damage or failure.

Precautions after operation

Truss manipulator in the completion of the work operation also need to pay attention to the relevant inspection and maintenance work. Manipulator in the state of not working or temporarily stop, to restore the brake switch to the original position, and the mechanical arm to stop in the idle position, so as to avoid the manipulator affected by external force and caused random rotation and injury to the equipment damaged personnel.

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