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Mr. MooQ Delivers Another Romantic Classic in Retro Girl

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Mr. MooQ Delivers Another Romantic Classic in Retro Girl

Mr. MooQ Delivers Another Romantic Classic in Retro Girl

Artists today are fond of creating a simplified persona that tells the story about them, their journey and artistry. This is not surprising considering the amount of exposure every celebrity and even regular individual is subjected to via social media. Therefore, in 2021, it is surprising to see a music artist who, instead of joining the bandwagon of people rushing for fame, has decided to create a mysterious persona that is well protected from public scrutiny and access. For Mr. MooQ, he comes in different dimensions depending on the role, responsibility and expectation. For instance, sometimes he is an enigma and other times, he is a witty and vibrant commentator on Music.

Mr. MooQ, despite being shrouded in his mysterious persona, has distinguished himself as an artist whose artistry and talent has very little to do with him shying away from the public eye. Instead, he has successfully created a following for himself, a following that is driven by curiosity and desire for the audience to know more about the mystery man.  

Mr. MooQ is a songwriter, performer and record producer who has taken songwriting and performance to a whole new level with his ability to put together thought-provoking lyrics mixed with danceable melodies and beats. He is an award-winning musical artist and performer. He has enjoyed a success-ladened career, including a Cleo in the advertising industry and developing music for numerous industries and commercial productions. One standout factor about Mr. MooQ’s musical ability is his production talent which has seen him collaborate on some of the most significant musical projects in the industry today.

Mr. MooQ is fresh from releasing a new single called Retro Girl, a romantic song that takes the listeners on a journey into his heart to experience first-hand “his love as she was.” Although Retro Girl has only been available on his YouTube Channel among other digital platforms for a short time, it has resonated soundly with the listeners. It has garnered the attention of many, old and young.

The success of Retro Girl on the charts comes as no surprise to anyone because Mr. MooQ has proven himself time and time again as the man to beat in the Independent music scene. With his last single, “No One,” leading the charts in the much-respected Digital Radio Tracker chart for the Top 150 Independent Airplay Chart for Independent Music released in recent times, Retro Girl is expected to do well as some experts anticipate it outperforming all of Mr. MooQ’s previous releases.

Having been around for a while, Mr. MooQ continues to evolve his musical prowess and deliver his musical sound into a hybrid genre he fondly refers to as EDM-Lite/Synth/Pop. Without any doubt, he is well on his way to evolving his sound to the next level. Music for Mr. MooQ relies heavily on his life experiences. He combines his reflections on life’s intricacies and nuances with his thoughtful and witty lyrics laced with catchy melodies that are often very danceable and, simultaneously thought-provoking.

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