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Laser Tag Prop Hunt, one of the most exciting and most played Prop hunt maps of Fortnite

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Laser Tag Prop Hunt, one of the most exciting and most played Prop hunt maps of Fortnite

Fortnite, one of the most popular games introduced a new mode where players can create their island in the game and then open these custom made island for the other players. Laser tag prop hunt is one of the most played prop hunt maps. This map is designed in a perfect way that is was recently featured as an LTM.

Toronto, Canada – Gaming has always been enjoyed not only by the kids but adults as well. Gamers are always in search of new games and new maps. Fortnite, which is one of the most played games last summer revealed a new gaming mode in which players can make their world or islands and invite other players to join that custom-made map. This new gaming mode is called prop hunt Fortnite. Fortnite has taken over the world by swing and people around the globe are trying their best to seek for some which is far more intrusive, immersive, and customized. This is what Quantum builds do for the players of Fortnite, building targeted maps that are in need of time.

Quantum Builds have developed such an amazing map “Laser Tag Prop Hunt” which is easily accessible in Fortnite’s Prop hunt mode. This Prop hunt gaming mode was developed by Epic Games. In this mode, a player can transform their characters into other objects such as a teddy bear, lamp, or duck to hide from enemies. It is up to the player to transform into which object. Select the object carefully which is not obvious to the enemies so it is not easy to get detected.

Laser tag prop hunt is one of the most played and favorite prop hunt map that can be found on Fortnite. This is a perfectly designed map and was recently featured as an LTM. Laser tag prop hunt can be found in puzzler’s matchmaking hub, the link of which is given on their website. Players can automatically match up with players and keep playing the prop hunt map even when LTM is over. Feel free to use the code 0159-7611-5733.

play Prop Hunt. Another prop hunt map for Fortnite players is “Props On Plane”. This can be an alternative map for the players to play in Fortnite to the popular Laser tag prop hunt. To experience this map check it out in the matchmaking hub or Fortnite prop hunt code is 1166-9858-1571.

About the Company:

Quantum build has a very talented team of 9 people. They are expert creative map makers specialized in designing and advanced gaming mechanisms. They have collectively developed many famous maps in Fortnite. They also do marketing and game development. This team is not only capable of making the content related to Fortnite but also provides smart content that is beneficial. 

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