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Ding Lei of Human Horizons: Changing Human Mobility is Not Empty Talk

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Ding Lei of Human Horizons: Changing Human Mobility is Not Empty Talk

Speaking of Ding Lei of Human Horizons, many may have heard of him. With the launch of the all-electric car HiPhi X—the first model of smart car brand HiPhi under Human Horizons.

Just a few years ago, people were still uncertain about the future of new energy vehicles. But now, new energy vehicles are not only accepted by the public, but also become the carrier of future automotive intelligence. Ding Lei established Human Horizons as the new energy vehicle industry began to burgeon. In 2018, he proposed the “3-Smart” Strategy—smart cars, smart transportation, and smart cities. In January 2019, the world’s first road designed for V2X collaboration autonomous driving was completed. In December 2019, Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Park became the world’s first model smart city for the integration of vehicles, roads and cities. On September 24, 2020, the world’s first evolvable super SUV—HiPhi X, was officially released.


It took Ding Lei less than three years to let the “3-Smart” Strategy be fully implemented. This superb efficiency reflects the strong technical strength of Human Horizons. It is evident that “Changing the future of human mobility” is not an empty slogan for Ding Lei. To promote smart car networking requires mastering a large number of core technologies, and Human Horizons is undoubtedly setting the technological benchmark on a variety of issues in the industry.

Take HiPhi X as an example. Its H-SOA electrical architecture independently developed by Human Horizons enables it to stand out among electric vehicles and become the world’s first evolvable super SUV. Based on the H-SOA electrical architecture, HiPhi X has realized the separation of onboard software and hardware. Through continuous independent learning and remote software iteration, continuous evolution of performance and functions can be achieved. A “software defined car” becomes a reality.

Under the leadership of Ding Lei, Human Horizons also cooperated with Microsoft to develop HiPhiGo, the world’s first active artificial intelligence assistant. HiPhiGo is not just a simple voice assistant. It has reasoning capabilities and can actively cater to the needs of users, making the car not only possess intelligent functions, but also humanized wisdom.

In addition, HiPhi X is equipped with a total of six computing platforms and 562 sensors, which can accurately collect and analyze various information about users, cars, and the environment. On the basis of this architecture, HiPhi X is fitted with the world’s first evolvable NT Door System, the world’s first evolvable high-performance dynamic chassis, and many other world-leading intelligent features.


“Looking back on my career in the past 30 years, every change I made was inspired by the tide of reform and opening-up. To succeed, I know I must be bold enough to make waves.” As Ding Lei said, in the surging tide of new technology revolution, new energy vehicles are on the cusp of a rapid development. “Changing the future of human mobility” is not an empty slogan for Ding Lei and Human Horizons. To some degree, it has already been done and will be done better in the future.

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