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How a Comprehensive Package of Exterior and Internal Cleaning Keeps Vehicles in Shape

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How a Comprehensive Package of Exterior and Internal Cleaning Keeps Vehicles in Shape

As with any expensive purchase, looking after a vehicle will pay off handsomely and likely save owners money in the long-term. Whether it’s applying proper care and treatment to the bodywork and paintjob, protecting the leather interiors, or thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting windows and mirrors, the more a vehicle is taken care of, the longer it is likely to stay on the road and avoid performance issues.

Vehicles are exposed to some unpleasant substances as well as the wear and tear of life on the road. Animal droppings, tree sap and even vomit are some decidedly unwelcome guests in both the interior and the exterior of a vehicle, and can erode paintwork and ruin the integrity of leather seating.

Most standard, everyday car washes are not equipped to deal with this level of soiling, but there are specialist services that conduct intensive car detailing for precisely these circumstances. Auto Boss Vaughan is one such service and includes hand washing, full interior detailing and paint correction among the work it can carry out on vehicles.

Paint correction in particular is well-suited to dealing with the after-effects of bird droppings, scratches and acid rain marks, and can also address problems with ‘swirling’ – which is when a swirl-like pattern is made on the bodywork through poor washing and wiping techniques. Paint correction is a detailed process with numerous stages, involving a high-pressure rinse of the car’s surface, removal of contaminants to make the bodywork surface smooth, and then buffing and rejuvenation of the surface by getting rid of residue and refining the paintwork.

The team at Auto Boss also offer a hand wash service for more everyday needs. This approach to cleaning vehicles is believed to be superior to machine-led car washes, which sometimes have faulty machinery and also retain previous vehicles’ dirt on their brushes. A regular hand wash helps avoid rust on the vehicle, and Auto Boss use premium cleaning products to ensure a comprehensive job.

A vehicle’s interior is almost as susceptible to damage as its exterior, and it is important to care for that too. Auto Boss can clear out smells and allergens that may have spread inside the car, and clean clouded-up windows, while also cleaning the leather and vinyl seating and dashboard to protect them from damage. A full interior car detailing service includes vacuuming, steam cleaning, shampooing of the floor and seats, glass cleaning and a further specialist cleaning of the seats with a leather cleaner, saddle soap and leather soap.

Auto Boss offers a wide range of packages for different vehicles. The most basic for a small car is $25, which provides a hand wash and tire clean, with the top package at $400, which is a four-hour process of repeated washing along with interior sanitizing, detailing of cracks, and glass cleaning. A small SUV has similarly priced packages, while services for large SUVs range from $35 to $500. Add-ons include headlights restoration for $100 and the removal of iron particles and yellow specks on the paint, costing $50.

Rounding off the service list is the Boss Package. Costing $1,200 for cars, $1,400 for SUVs and £1,600 for large SUVs and vans, this package has a lengthy list of services including the removal of wheels for cleaning and degreasing; the washing and condition of the undercarriage; cleaning of the engine bay; paint correction; and intensive odour elimination.

About Auto Boss Vaughan

Located on Bowes Road in Vaughan, Ontario, Auto Boss Vaughan provides a range of services to clean, decontaminate and protect vehicles from irreversible damage such as rust. These include window tinting, interior car detailing and paint correction.

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