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Dasha Love, the Manifesting Guru, Helps Thousands Pursue Their Dreams

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Dasha Love, the Manifesting Guru, Helps Thousands Pursue Their Dreams

Dasha Love is an American Russian Jew manifesting coach, bestselling author, inspirational speaker and flow artist with a mission to support her family, friends and clients to return to their playful limitless inner child. Her approach to help her client’s success consists of using her 7F Manifesting Hacks, book writing, dancing and meditation. She guides her tribe in building systems that help rise above structures, rules and regulations making business and life more efficient, peaceful and pleasurable. 

Dasha Love is a lightworker with a gift of being able to see and understand people’s stories. She helps her clients disrupt patterns by achieving success in the material and spiritual world realizing it’s all one, an expression of time-space learning about itself. Her masterclasses and live events are widely renowned for helping participants tap into the vortex, becoming beacons of self-liberation; through practical and result-driven life hacks such as visioning, daily rituals, meditation, the human design system, book writing and marketing using clickfunnels. Her truly memorable events include laser coaching coupled with dancing, meditations and sensual healing touch. Having helped hundreds of thousands of soul-driven entrepreneurs, struggling to balance spirituality with business and relationships overcome those limitations with unconditional self-love.   

The Manifesting Coach points out that she found inspiration to guide after receiving a second chance at life by overcoming trauma. She healed with psychedelic medicines, book reading, writing, workshops, retreats, channeling meditations, singing and dancing. She said that her goal is to help her clients release the need for constant productivity and join her on a mission to feed & transform millions of lives:

“I have been given a second chance at life after healing from trauma. I’m here to remind everyone that each and every experience we have is universal. By healing yourself – you heal the world. You are here to fill your cup of love first. Forgiveness is the key to transforming yourself and re-charge that battery of the heart. From the place of unconditional self-love you can create a soul aligned businesses and unapologetically express with ease and grace. Your healing and the sharing of your story is the beacon of liberation creating a movement with massive impact – and a million-dollar brand that gives back,” said Dasha.

Dasha’s masterclasses and live events were purposefully designed to help her students create their own definitions of success, create irresistible offerings, systems, build and maintain stronger relationships, raising frequencies, being comfortable enough in the body to let go of all limitations and stories. Overcoming fear and allowing for divine spirit to pass through.

Dasha Love’s students set out on a path to become masters of themselves and build better relationships. Becoming a master means living by ‘The Human Design’, which helps you recognize your innate gifts and traits. The contract your soul makes with the universe about who you came to be, what you came to do and what karma you came to correct in this lifetime. So, you can be who you truly came here to be. Dasha’s in-depth human design readings change the trajectory of her clients’ lives, coupled with her manifesting hacks and the clickfunnel marketing systems, her clients begin projecting their gifts using their story with effortless ease and grace. This allows her clients to become strong magnets for unleashing their imagination, tapping into the flow and unlocking the secrets of true fulfillment.

Venessa is one of the thousands of individuals Dasha Love helped find their path. Venessa’s testimonial provides a glimpse of what Dasha Love’s manifesting sessions can do for people encountering a plateau in their lives:

“I wanted to start my own business for 2 years but I was feeling stuck, then I met Dasha. I didn’t just have a breakthrough; I started my own business, integrated my psychedelic experiences and began living the dream every single day. Now, at $300k with 6 employees not even a year since we started. I released my money trauma, all feelings of not being good enough or loved enough, realizing that I have the strength to just do it and live my life purpose in every area of my life. Dasha gave me the strength and confidence to understand my family dynamics. Through forgiveness practices I released the trauma. Embracing now my many creative expressions, I have attracted my dream home, work team and dream partner.

More information about Dasha Love, the Manifesting Coach is available on her official website.

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