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Alexandria VA Carpet Cleaning Guarantees A Thorough Carpet and Rug Cleaning Backed by A Money-Back Guarantee

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Alexandria VA Carpet Cleaning Guarantees A Thorough Carpet and Rug Cleaning Backed by A Money-Back Guarantee

Since 1989, Alexandria Green Carpet & Rug Cleaning has delivered high-quality carpet cleaning and rug cleaning services backed by a solid money-back guarantee. It uses natural, eco-friendly materials to clean upholsteries wholly and gently, removing even the most stubborn stains.

According to announcements released by Alexandria Green Carpet & Rug Cleaning and Andrew Hunter, the Alexandria VA carpet cleaning services delivered by this business deliver clean carpets and a healthy environment inside a customer’s premises.

The thorough carpet cleaning process is conducted using safe and eco-friendly chemicals. A money-back guarantee backs it. It begins with a detailed pre-inspection of the carpet followed by vacuuming to remove the soil and particulate matter. The technicians from this business will then remove the upholstery and furniture to ensure safe working. Heavy traffic areas on the carpet are sprayed to facilitate quicker dirt removal. The spray is scrubbed into the carpet to loosen stubborn particles and simplify stain removal.

The carpet is rinsed to remove the detergent and dirt. The technicians then treat the carpet with a medium pH balance solution to remove residue, prevent wicking of stains, and soften the carpet. A dry pass is performed to prevent wicking further. Finally, the carpet is brushed to set the pile in the correct direction so that the material dries faster.

The business uses the full-immersion technique to clean rugs and restore colors and designs that are no longer visible due to the accumulation of dust, spills, debris, pets, and food stains over the years. Before cleaning the rug, technicians from Alexandria Green Carpet & Rug Cleaning test the rug for colorfastness. They employ a process to stop dyes from bleeding. Dry soil is removed before the rug is washed. The full immersion process is then employed to remove dander, grease, pollen, etc.

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Andrew Hunter of Alexandria Green Carpet & Rug Cleaning said, “One of the things that we love in our homes is our pets. But, unfortunately, they can bring many problems to our lives and homes. This includes hair, allergens, dirt, scratches on the floor and carpet, rips and tears, pet stains, and odors. However, the worst case is the last one, odors! Pet urine can damage our floors and carpets. 

Fortunately, Alexandria VA Carpet & Rug Cleaning has the solution. We can eliminate pet odor 100% guaranteed! Our treatment is an oxidizer that is 75 times more effective than most other companies still using neutralizer sprays. Our oxidizer system will be poured into each area of the carpet or rug where there is pet odor, urine, or feces. It will dwell inside the rug for 20 minutes to get to the base and padding. We will then extract it with our system to remove the urine, feces, or vomit. The oxidizer will cause a chemical change which will remove all scents from any pet odor. Finally, your carpet, rug, or upholstery will be cleaned of any stains or dirt, leaving it almost new again.”

About the Company:

Alexandria Green Carpet & Rug Cleaning offers rug, carpet, upholstery, tile, and wood cleaning services for residential and commercial customers in and around Alexandria, VA. The business has been active since 1989 and, over the years, has earned a reputation for affordable, dependable carpet cleaning with results that last long.

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Company Name: Alexandria Green Carpet & Rug Cleaning
Contact Person: Andrew Hunter
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Phone: 703-672-3909
Address:8494 Richmond Highway #102
City: Alexandria
State: VA 22309
Country: United States