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Safely Save Payment Details on Upwork with a Free VPN Connection

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Safely Save Payment Details on Upwork with a Free VPN Connection

During the hike of the COVID-19 pandemic, several people lost jobs and plenty of businesses were forced to shut down. For some, the work-from-home setup gave people the opportunity to look for online part-time jobs in different freelancing platforms like the most popular one these days, Upwork.

Since the business dynamic is more internet-dependent than ever, online jobs have been in-demand, and these opportunities paved the way for unemployed people to search beyond the norms. Upwork also gave an outlet to small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to thrive in the time of economic fallout, especially companies that have technological aspects.

The turnout of the platform is very successful as more and more freelancers are considering submitting job proposals to the businesses listed in Upwork, but since the platform is heavily relying on the web, it is still possible that there could be attacks from online threats.

Especially when employers and freelancers have to input billing and payment information like PayPal account, passwords, and debit or credit card data. Even though Upwork is a secure website, it is still a public web space that can attract cyberthieves. In addition to that, it will be reassuring if online users have another layer of web safety.

Good thing, Upwork users can guarantee online privacy in a quick, simple way.

Connect to a VPN

By connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), the user’s online data will be concealed to everyone. This is possible as the VPN establishes a secure connection between the internet and the user’s device. The VPN will then route online data to the secret virtual tunnel.

So, for example, when an Upwork user inputs significant data like PayPal account details, third parties roaming around cyberspace would not be able to track or record that information or any of the user’s online activities.

There are several VPN apps available in the virtual market and it could get quite overwhelming to choose one, especially for newbies. One may choose to download a paid VPN service as this kind of VPN offers premium VPN features, although these VPNs could get pricey.

If the user is not willing to shell out some cash on a VPN technology, a free VPN connection will also do, But, users must be aware that a few free VPNs are sketchy and do not work well.

GoingVPN, a reliable and trusted free VPN connection is highly-recommended as it also offers premium VPN features.

It has a tight encryption process which helps lock-in cybersecurity among users. Plus, GoingVPN does not sell user data to any buyers or bidders. This is suitable for Upwork users as they key-in valuable information when creating Upwork freelancer accounts.

Also, this free VPN connection provides a lightning-speed technology to counter any decrease in device performance, as naturally, the encryption process can make the internet go slower and the device perform poorer.

Not to mention, it also offers unlimited data bandwidth so that users can get a well-deserved online safety and security. A pro-tip, just leave the GoingVPN switch ‘on’ and let the free VPN app do the work.


Online freelancing platforms like Upwork are a big help to job seekers. But there’s more than meets the eye. Job seekers may only see monetary aspects of platforms like these, but also, users must be wary of the atmosphere of cyberspace nowadays.

A lot of online threats are on the web, finding next gambits. With a VPN app like GoingVPN, anyone can circumvent these threats and use the internet safely.

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