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Sculpt Neon Signs Announces their Custom Neon Lights

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Sculpt Neon Signs Announces their Custom Neon Lights

SCULPT has announced the ability for people to customize the neon lights they order online. The new customizability makes it easier to find and buy the right neon signs.

Sculpt Neon Signs now introduces buyers’ ability to customize the neon signs they buy online. A page on the site now allows buyers to choose the right size, the text, color, font, and background color, amongst other options. “The ability to customize neon signs at the time of purchase significantly reduces the time it takes to get these signs up and working for many business owners and individuals alike,” according to the company. The custom neon lights are delivered as customized, and all people will need to do is put it up, which isn’t all that challenging. 

In the past setting up an elaborate or fancy neon sign required purchasing the lights and then hiring an expert to set up the lights. It could take days before a sign was live, not to mention a significant cost associated with putting up the sign itself, depending on the business’s location. However, with the ability to customize neon signs online, it ensures that the signs will arrive as is, so there is no guesswork. Most business owners can then hire someone to put up the sign or even do it themselves. 

Readers can find out more about SCULPT Neon Signs by vising the company’s official website:

“We’ve always been fascinated with the versatility associated with neon lights. The lights have been in use for many decades and have evolved considerably. Today, custom neon lights are used by businesses and people who want to customize their study or bedrooms with a light of their choice. Some may choose inspirational quotes; others may want their branding or even their name written with the lights. By allowing our customers to customize their neon signs at the time of purchase online, we are ensuring that they have a hassle-free experience.” said a representative for Sculpt Neon Signs. 

She added, “At sculpt, our online customizer offers buyers numerous customization options, from fonts to colors and backgrounds. However, if you’re unable to customize the lights the way you want, get in contact with us, and our team will be more than happy to assist you.”

About Sculpt Neon Signs

Sculpt Neon Signs is a Dallas, Texas-based neon sign maker designing and selling ecofriendly, LED-based neon lights for a very long time. The company’s lights are used by businesses and individuals alike. The LED-based neon lights have been featured at many famous events, and the brand has a reputation for providing high-quality neon signs at a budget-friendly price point.

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