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Lifestyle Changes Can Lead to a Healthier Mind, Body, and Spirit

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Lifestyle Changes Can Lead to a Healthier Mind, Body, and Spirit

Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows the struggles of dieting and the feeling of helplessness when despite losing weight, after a few weeks or months, the added pounds start creeping back on.  Another diet regimen then ensues, the weight is lost again, but the cycle repeats itself also with weight gain occurring slowly but surely yet again.  This type of dieting, called “yo-yo” dieting is self- defeating.  The initial dieting phase slows down a body’s metabolism, so calories are burned less and less quickly as the years go on.  The impact on the body also hurts physical health overall too. 

Personalized treatments, with a focus on wellness, are always doctor-approved, and Toronto Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic, provides this type of whole-body program to those that want to permanently lose weight, and keep it off.  A toned look is also sought by Canadians, so cellulite reduction is offered through the latest advances in non-invasive technology that carries no risk, unlike liposuction. 

An ideal protein approach is employed, and the lifestyle of each client is fully assessed before starting any permanent weight-loss program.  The Keto Dieting approach of protein as a basis for weight loss is used.  However, amounts and types of the most ketogenic proteins are stressed, which leads many to a significant and steady loss of weight without hunger pangs.  Energy also increases. 

Since Covid-19 also has restricted access to stores and added time management stresses to every Canadian’s life, Toronto Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic offers home delivery of their suggested food choices, with an affordable package plan tailored to individuals.  The Ideal Protein Package offered by Toronto Weight Loss and Wellness helps individuals not only lose weight but advance muscle mass.  It is possible to lose weight quickly, approximately 3 lbs. per week and the foods that are offered cost less than those obtained in a grocery store.

Naturopathic approaches to weight loss are gaining ground and the results can be remarkable.  Ketogenic Dieting is becoming the new norm across the globe, but Toronto Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic takes it one step further by following up weekly with members and takes into consideration genetics and hormones as well as lifestyle when producing a plan that will work.  The products are ordered per box, with a minimum of seven per week but there is a wide selection of products from which to choose.  Lab work might be needed before proceeding as the program is doctor-approved and success depends on many factors that are unique to individuals within the program. 

Many insurances will cover the cost and there is a satisfaction guarantee as well as a free consultation.  Taking the guesswork out of losing weight and keeping it off is the mission with Toronto Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic, and a toned, firm, and perfect weight are possible now for those in the GTA.

About Toronto Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic

Providing residents of the GTA for ten years with a proven system of weight loss and muscle mass gain, is the mission of this clinic.  The methods are doctor-approved and safe, with a focus on the proper types of nutrition, rather than stringent dieting and starvation.  It is a lifestyle change tailored to everyone who joins, and does include possible purchases of the ketogenic foods chosen for each individual. 

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