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Ultra-Guard Tech Creates First-Ever Self-Sterilizing Two-in-One Tool, Works Toward Reducing Spread of COVID-19

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Ultra-Guard Tech Creates First-Ever Self-Sterilizing Two-in-One Tool, Works Toward Reducing Spread of COVID-19

Maid Wright is proud to announce the creation and launch of Ultra-Guard, the world’s first smart, compact portable sanitization tool. Ultra-Guard is a smart UV shield tool that can successfully purify 99.9% of micro-organisms. With the COVID-19 pandemic looming and creating serious threats to the health and safety of people everywhere, Ultra-Guard offers protection that can be used anywhere and at any time. Ultra-Guard is SGS CE certified. Maid Wright has a history of creating popular Kickstarter campaigns, starting with the Roto-Q 360, which was backed by almost 5,000 investors and raised nearly half a million dollars on Kickstarter. Ultra-Guard is Maid Wright’s second Kickstarter campaign, and they are thrilled to share all of its amazing features with the public.

Ultra-Guard is a powerful sterilizer because of its unique UV sterilizing light that emits UV-C, the same ultraviolet radiation that the sun emits. Ultraviolet (UV) light is a sanitizing component of the electromagnetic spectrum. Ultra-Guard destroys micro-organisms’ ability to multiply and spread disease. UV-C at appropriate dosages can eliminate many types of microorganisms. Ultra-Guard is so powerful that it can kill 99.9% of these harmful micro-organisms in only 10 seconds. Most of today’s sanitizing solutions require harsh chemicals or steaming, boiling water. Through the UV purifying light, these dangerous chemicals are avoided. Ultra-Guard’s UV technology safely and effectively eradicates dangerous pathogens.

Ultra-Guard is not only powerful, but it is also extremely portable. Equipped with a fast-charging, built-in battery, Ultra­ Guard is simple to keep charged on the go so users are never unprotected. Ultra-Guard is also lightweight, flexible, and compact enough to be carried on a keychain. One of the best benefits of Ultra-Guard is that it can be taken anywhere while working, shopping, or commuting. Ultra-Guard allows users to feel confident that they are fully protected no matter where they are or what they are doing. Not only that, Ultra-Guard is the first-ever self-cleaning tool. This means that not only does it purify whatever surface it comes in contact with, but it also purifies itself, protecting users from bringing any harmful contagions home with them. This gives users peace of mind is difficult to find anywhere elsewhere because this technology is the first of its kind.

How it works: The Ultra-Guard tool is designed to stand between you and the everyday objects you must come into contact within the course of the day. From pushing the buttons on the elevator, pulling door handles, ATM keypads, the surfaces of packages you purchase, or countertops and furniture you touch; Ultra-Guards unique shape acts as a pointer for pushing buttons or a hook to pull handles, and in each case, the UV light, shone on these surfaces, purifies all, including the Ultra-Guard tool itself, from micro-organisms.

Ultra-Guard comes at an important time when contagions affect people in public simply living their everyday lives. Contaminants are spread onto the objects we touch by coughing, sneezing, or even speaking and breathing. This can be scary, but with Ultra-Guard’s use-and-go technology in each and every purse, pocket, car, home, or office, the chances of spreading illness are greatly reduced. To stay healthy and avoid danger it’s essential to be prepared and stay safe. This is possible with high-quality Ultra-Guard.

Eddie Lou and Susie Wen started designing Ultra-Guard at the start of the pandemic nearly a year ago. The pair quickly realized that a coronavirus pandemic is a globe-shattering event with unimaginable consequences. “The world is changing, and we have to adapt to a new, more conscientious way of living,” says Lou. “The Ultra-Guard ‘utility tool’ was designed to help reduce risk and get people back to their everyday lives.” To keep ourselves safe, we need to think of new and innovative ways to eliminate all of the dangerous elements in our environment,” says Wen. “To that end, we have created Ultra-Guard, the world’s first-ever, compact, self-sterilizing tool. We want to help people get back to their regular lives after this pandemic.”

Ultra-Guard is exploring opportunities to grow.  Because it is already designed to produce to scale, the company is looking for additional start-up capital so that Ultra-Guard can get into every purse and pocket worldwide as quickly as possible. Ultra-Guard represents an incredible opportunity for companies of all sizes to join in. This is more than just a boost in technology. It is the beginning of a new future. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

To learn more about the latest technology from Maid Wright and pre-order an Ultra-Guard, please click here.

About Maid Wright:

The company behind the premium Ultra-Guard solution is Maid Wright. Ultra-Guard was invented by Eddie Lou and Susie Wen. Wen, the creative and innovative masterminds behind popular household appliances such as Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer, Montel Williams Health Master Elite, and Power Cooker, have helped design, develop, and manufacture machines and appliances in tens of millions of units to consumers across the globe. Seeing a market need created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Wen and Lou sought to create a first-of-its-kind solution to the spread of germs and viruses. Maid Wright is constantly exploring opportunities for progress and innovation, and the Ultra-Guard is just another example of their exceptional work.

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