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An author on science, politics and philosophy, Patricia Yunghanns unveils a new book “Race and Slavery in the Contemporary World: America 2020”

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An author on science, politics and philosophy, Patricia Yunghanns unveils a new book “Race and Slavery in the Contemporary World: America 2020”

Patricia Yunghanns is a talented American author who likes to give something back to people. Patricia Yunghanns also stands in the front line for human rights and as a supporter of the US Army. Her new book discusses topics like freedom, especially for black people, slavery evolution, tyranny, authoritarianism, and other such social and political topics, directed towards human rights.

Palm Beach, Florida, USA – Being an author takes immense skills in creativity, reader-engagement and knowledge on a variety of topics. One cannot be an author or write valuable articles without possessing such qualities. Patricia Yunghanns has expertise in human rights, science and politics as philosophy of politics and she writes engaging and eye-opening books and articles. Yunghanns also writes for a news channel on YouTube, “Human Rights News by Patricia Yunghanns”, informing people about what’s happening around them.

Patricia Yunghanns announces the launch of her new book, “Race and Slavery in the Contemporary World: America 2020”. This is a book that reminds the readers about the constitutional laws that were laid by the founding fathers of America, and how these laws are being violated today. She discusses how everyone should be equal in the eyes of the law, yet this is not the case, and this is something that has been brought up in this book.

The book further discusses how they are subjected to oppression and propaganda in this modern-day and age by describing topics such as harassment, crackdowns, oppressive incidents and many more. Talking about equality and democracy, the author states “America accepted Rousseau’s idea that the focus should be people versus leadership. America also accepted Rousseau’s idea that people should be equal to leadership. Equality would be with respect to individuals being made equal to leadership.” But in her point of view, today this ideology has been changed, and she wants people to know about this.

Yunghanns wrote her first poem at the tender age of 15 years and also got a recipe published in a cookbook. Yunghanns has a diverse background in education, with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, a written dissertation in Philosophy and a Magistère from the Sorbonne. Besides being an author, Yunghanns is also a humanitarian, who has dedicated herself towards many charities, like AIDS research project. Moreover, she has also volunteered for “Friends of Abused Children”.

Patricia aims to help people and give something back to society with her books. She says, talking about her books “I hope that my books will bring that little extra knowledge or minuscule insight that will make an enormous difference in your life’s intellectual journey. I also hope that my books will entertain you in the most subtle of ways.” As a true humanitarian, a helper and a giver, she aims to bring a change to this world with her words.

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