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Introducing The Smart Door Lock Product Of Lion Lock

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Introducing The Smart Door Lock Product Of Lion Lock

Nowadays, smart locks are applied with 4.0 IOT technology to production. Increase the absolute security for the door lock system. Create great gadgets for users.

The Principle Of Operation Of Fingerprint Door Lock

The fingerprint smart lock system with 4.0 technology offers 6 intelligent opening mechanisms. Absolutely safe, the lock lines using fingerprint biometric technologies, face recognition. High security has been put into use:

  • Open the door with facial recognition

  • Open the door with fingerprints

  • Open the door with a password

  • Open the door with tags from RFID technology

  • Open the door with the App phone technology.

  • Open the door with the anti-counterfeiting mechanical key.

Classification fingerprint door lock

  • Wood fingerprint door lock: This is the most popular door type today and easy to install. Due to the wide door puzzle, it is easy to choose and install the right locks.

  • Iron door fingerprint lock: aluminum iron gate: This is a dedicated door lock line with a small lock puzzle design suitable for metal frames. In addition, this lock series also has a 100% metal chassis design for good impact resistance and water resistance.

  • Aluminum door locks: Aluminum doors often have the size below 70mm so the door lock design also has a small puzzle to match.  Electronic lock:

  • Glass door lock: This is the lock line suitable for the door that cannot be cut like glass.

  • Above are the 4 main types of doors that we often encounter in addition if customers need to install special doors. Please contact Lion Lock for appropriate consultation support. Buy products at: Khoa Cua Van Tay

Advantages of fingerprint lock

  • High security (when identifying by fingerprint, face).

  • Convenience without carrying keys.

  • Don’t worry about losing your key

  • High aesthetics, luxury class.

  • Easy to use

  • Durable

  • Low investment costs

Smart door lock:

Note when buying fingerprint door lock

  • Mysterious black box resistance: This is a high-tech anti-lock feature with black box.

  • Fully equipped with unlock feature: Fingerprint, magnetic card, password, mechanical lock.

  • Do not choose to lock the door to use by opening the technology of the App phone without phone protection feature.

  • Choose top brand lock system such as: Lion Lock, Samsung, Yale …

  • See door models to choose a lock to match.

  • The cost of the door lock is an important factor.

  • Warranty is an important factor. Currently Lion Lock offers a 5-year warranty system when purchased at Lion Lock systems. See more new door locks at: Khoa Van Tay

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