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A Wonderfully Strange New Country Has Formed: The Kingdom of Gnome

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A Wonderfully Strange New Country Has Formed: The Kingdom of Gnome

Welcome to, The Kingdom of Gnome; a country that has recently opened their borders to welcome in new citizens. Not only are they accepting Citizenship Applications, they are accepting them from Humans and Gnomes.

Don’t pack your bags just yet; you can’t move there but you can proclaim your land a territory of their Kingdom so that you technically live there. This Kingdom claims to have territories in North America, South America, Antarctica and the Moon. They even went as far as to notify NASA of their claims to a section of the moon; though they did tell NASA that they could share the territory in exchange for NASA being more open about UFO’s. Not only have they initiated conversation with NASA they have also contacted the United Nations to begin establishing a relationship.

There is no official word on if the United States recognizes the territorial claims within their borders but, The Kingdom of Gnome cites multiple texts from U.N. Charters as well as from the 1933 Montevideo Convention, to argue that their claims are valid.

This Kingdom’s site says that it was established in 2011 by their founder, Brett Larsen. Larsen is a Seattle area musician who has had international success with his UFO themed music project “Inquire Within”. Their website has a section raising awareness of global issues such as Deforestation and they sell hand carved Gnomes and merchandise that have proceeds going towards Reforestation efforts; much like Larsen’s “Inquire Within” project which has a portion of music/ merch streams and sales contribute as well.

For the full history of the Kingdom of Gnome, to apply for citizenship for yourself… or any of your Gnomes or to buy some hand carved Gnomes check out their website.

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