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Water Damage And Mold Remediation Expert Services In And Around Dania Beach, Florida

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Water Damage And Mold Remediation Expert Services In And Around Dania Beach, Florida

Water Damage And Mold Remediation Expert Services In And Around Dania Beach, Florida
South Florida Water and Mold Restoration, Inc. is a South Florida water and mold restoration services company. The 13-year old business prides itself on being a “one call does it all” service provider that now offers design consultation for remodeling.

According to announcements released by South Florida Water and Mold Restoration, Inc. and Lisa Cozzi, the business provides timely and dependable water damage and mold remediation services. It has completed 13 years as a trusted mold removal expert. It has continuously striven to provide value for money for its customers. To that end, the company now also offers design consultation services for remodeling that may sometimes have to be carried out after treating a property for water damage and mold removal. 

Customers – residential, commercial, and industrial – already stressed from water damage, and the threat of mold, can expect professional service delivered by personable experts. South Florida Water and Mold Restoration, Inc. simplifies life for customers through direct insurance billing and no out-of-pocket expenses. 

Water damage can happen at any time from a pipe burst or an undetected leak. In order to pre-empt the threat of mold and minimize the cost of expensive repairs and remodeling, water damage must be treated promptly. Walls, upholstery, and furnishings left to dry on their own in the aftermath of water damage can acquire an unhealthy musty smell and weaken considerably. 

Mold can appear in as few as 24 hours. And if it does, then mold remediation must be carried out following safety guidelines to ensure that the affected space’s indoor environment is free of hazardous, health-damaging mold. Suppose a mold problem necessitates renovation and remodeling, South Florida Water and Mold Restoration, Inc., a state-licensed general contractor, is the preferred contractor who can help homeowners rebuild things better than before. It files permits, manages work crews, and orders materials. Its expertise in remodeling saves homeowners time and hassle.

The licensed, insured, and trained water damage remediation staff does a free visual inspection and offers property owners a quote. It apprises the prospective client of the steps involved in resolving the issue. The team then carries out detailed diagnostic testing, including thermal imaging of affected surfaces, and then decides upon a path of action that may include steps such as water extraction, dehumidification, drying out the wet spots, and eliminating odors.

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Lisa Cozzi of South Florida Water and Mold Restoration, Inc. said, “Water damage to a property can result from various factors. Living in South Florida, we experience a great deal of humidity and seasonal rain. Even the most diligent property owner can be affected by water damage and mold. When this happens, the structure of your property can be damaged, causing it to weaken. We perform water damage mitigation, which consists of pinpointing the issue’s location, identifying the cause, extracting water from the area, and rapidly drying the wet building materials. Without performing these steps, your problem may turn from a water damage problem to a mold removal project.”

On the company’s mold removal and remediation services, Cozzi said, “If mold is visual, we can quickly develop a plan to minimize further mold growth and to remove it safely. Sometimes a mold issue can be caused by high humidity inside your property, resulting in mold growth in areas that are not visible. In this case, testing may be necessary to determine the extent of the mold issue. After the mold removal is complete, you are ready to rebuild any areas removed. There are plenty of water damage and mold removal companies that will simply remove the damage and leave you with ugly holes in the wall, missing baseboard, or cabinetry. Not us. We offer reconstruction services to ensure your home is restored just as nice — if not better — than it was before.”

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Company Name: South Florida Water and Mold Restoration, Inc.
Contact Person: Lisa Cozzi
Phone: 954-923-3340
Address:1221 Stirling Road, Unit 113
City: Dania Beach
State: FL 33004
Country: United States