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Regal Core Markets Offers a Trading Platform that Simplifies and Boosts Profitability in Trading

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Regal Core Markets Offers a Trading Platform that Simplifies and Boosts Profitability in Trading

The basic idea of profiting from capital market trading is picking an asset whose price is likely to increase later on, so it can be sold at a gain subsequently. However, trading isn’t as simple and straightforward as that. Deciding on the right assets to buy and sell needs to be well-informed and based on a proven strategy.

As such, investors need to come up with a solid foreign exchange (FX) strategy. It is important to have a systematic way of determining which assets to buy or sell and when to do the purchase or sale.

It is not possible to find a one size fits all FX strategy, though. Regal Core Markets understands that there are varied strategies to suit different investor approaches and preferences. These strategies have their respective strengths and weaknesses. Recreational and professional investors have the tendency to rely on approaches they have tried and tested for some time.

Regal Core Markets identifies three primary types of strategies: Trend Study, Range Study, and Breakout Study. In Trend Study, the core strategy is to observe the market meticulously to identify a trend. The trader then makes decisions based on the prevailing trends. In Range Study, upper and lower limits are established (the range) to determine price points that can be considered good for a buy or sell decision. Lastly, the Breakout Study entails the monitoring of the price of a specific asset to spot instances when it breaks out of a sideways trend. This breakout point shows when the right time is to buy or sell.

Getting acquainted with all these FX strategies can be daunting especially for new investors. Familiarizing the dynamics and technical aspects can be difficult. However, investors don’t have to be thoroughly well-versed with all of these. Regal Core Markets offers a trading platform that makes trading easier and more intelligently.

This trading platform is called the Regal MT4 Trader, which is dubbed as “A Peerless Trading Platform for the Peerless Trader.” MT4 stands for MetaTrader 4, a popular trading platform widely used in the FX trading market worldwide. Regal Core Markets collaborated with MetaQuotes, the creator of MetaTrader 4, to develop a custom trading platform that provides the tools a foreign exchange investor needs to make trades more efficiently.

Regal MT4 Trader offers more than the basic functions. It comes with customizable smart tools designed to enhance trading experiences. It features a robust trading engine that facilitates the quick monitoring of open positions, placing of automatic orders, and setting up of stop-loss levels. It also provides convenient notifications for important events or instances that require prompt action.

Moreover, the Regal MT4 Trader provides access to expert advisors (EAs) from Regal Core Markets. This trading platform allows newbies to learn as they trade. Every trade becomes a learning opportunity that does not have to mean severe losses. Regal Core Markets assists traders of all experience levels to address the risks, learn the ropes, and discover opportunities along the way.

Foreign exchange is the largest and most liquid financial market with more than $5 trillion of average daily transactions. It is bigger than both the stock and bond markets combined. Also, currency is well-known as a safe haven asset during times of economic downturns. Even better, it is highly accessible to interested investors because it is decentralized as trading is conducted mainly through dealers, brokers, banks, and financial institutions.

About Regal Core Markets

Established in 2017, Regal Core Markets is a company that seeks to help individual investors succeed in the capital markets. The company takes advantage of innovative trading technology as well as tried-and-tested strategies to enable strategic and secure investing. The company’s portfolio includes 200 tradeable instruments and supports bitcoin, ethereum, USD, and UnionPay funding options. Regal Core Markets averages over 40,000 trades per month with monthly trading volumes exceeding $2.8 billion.

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