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Over 75% of Resumes Are Not Read by Humans: Beat the Odds

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Over 75% of Resumes Are Not Read by Humans: Beat the Odds

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA – July 23, 2020 – Without any exaggeration 3 out of 4 resumes don’t make it into the hands of human beings for consideration when job seekers apply for a job. Artificial intelligence is used as part of the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to screen resume submissions. Most resumes are not formatted properly or fall short on key words so they’re never seriously considered for the position.

• According to an article published with NBC in February 2019 by Kerri Anne Renzulli, 75% of resumes are never read by a human.
• According to the Columbia University, 90% of Fortune 500 companies use the ATS
• According to Fortune, over 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment during the (COVID-19) pandemic-real jobless rate over 23.9%

Far too many people are failing to get serious consideration for the jobs they are applying too because they have failed to adjust to the new paradigm in the hiring world. CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officers) and other leaders in the HR space have failed to adjust their programs for the systematic shortcomings of those who are applying to their organization with antiquated resumes. With over 90% of Fortune 500 companies using an ATS and 75% of those who apply being screened out by the ATS, the unemployed American worker is facing a daunting task.

What makes these statistics all the worse, is that many of the people applying are not even aware there is an issue. This article aims to help spotlight the issue and help address it to make a positive impact for the unemployment population. Unemployment has topped 40 million during the COVID-19 pandemic according to an article published on Fortune ( in May of 2020.

To be clear, many job seekers know that the ATS exists, they simply do not understand how they work and the role the job seeker plays in their own fate to succeed or fail. “Candidates believe that these (ATS) systems are to blame and desire a different process. However, they don’t realize that it’s not the system. It’s their lack of knowledge on how to get past the system.” Kurtis Tompkins owner of Jobready2dey and Author of the book, “Resume Writing Simplified: Removing the Guesswork so you can Achieve Optimal Results.”

With the unemployment rate in the swollen state competition for jobs is extremely high. Part of the reason employers can sluff off their responsibility to help inform job seekers what they are doing wrong is because they are still able to find enough qualified candidates turning in ATS compliant resumes. The question remains as does the frustration of many qualified candidates, why the best candidates are being dismissed slight of hand (at a 3 out of 4 rate) without any feedback from HR teams on what they could have done better to improve their future chances. The fact is these candidates in most cases do not hear anything from the companies they applied to. They are left to guess what happened and how to proceed moving forward. Thus, a viscous cycle has been established. Apply, fail, apply to another and fail again, as no lesson has been learned.

“So, what’s the answer?” you might be wondering. Well the onus has fallen on the job seeker to identify the paradigm shift in the job market and then course correct. Many are starting to hear more and more about the ATS on places like LinkedIn but have failed to understand what they need to do to course correct. There are options out there than cost hundreds of dollars however most job seekers are on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay for the help they desperately need. Tompkins offered to help minorities and those on fixed incomes, “it’s why I wrote my book, Resume Writing Simplified” he said. There is clearly a need for a game plan that job seekers can follow, that isn’t cost prohibitive. The book is priced for less than $6 and can be bought on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle. The goal is simple, to help as many as possible course correct and improve their chances to be interviewed by employers. To be hired, your resume must make it past the ATS, then you must be called in for an interview. The strategy in Tomkins book helps with both the screening and then highlighting the skills that garner the attention of those hiring.

The job market is tough. Those hiring have not felt compelled to help fix the problem in mass because they can still interview and hire from a large enough labor pool (those who know how the ATS works and get through it) so the responsibility of those failing to get interviewed falls on their shoulders. Thankfully, via an easy to read and budget friendly (even for the unemployed) book by Kurtis Tomkins, the other 75% of the unemployed workforce can elevate their station and have an earnest shot at future job application submissions.

Another under reported topic on this story is the economic effects of the ATS with minorities. Author Kurtis Tompkins is an African American business owner. When asked how the ATS affects minorities and their chance to get hired, Tompkins replied, “If companies notice that they are not compliant with diversity laws, they can make adjustments to become compliant via the data they collected from the ATS. Employers can’t hire based on race legally, but implementing better practices gives minorities a better shot at getting an opportunity.” Jobready2dey aims to help everyone improve their chances of being hired. Tompkins book and the price he offers it at proves his heart is in the right place.

About Jobready2dey (

Jobready2dey, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, was established in March 2017. Since that time, we’ve created a streamlined process to craft top notch resumes and cover letters, prepare clients for interviews, provide career coaching and deliver career training essential to each client’s career goals. We have gained the respect of countless individual and business clients all over the world!

About Resume Writing Simplified is the job seeker’s guide to preparing resumes for job applications online and getting past Applicant Tracking Systems. In this book, you will learn how to tailor your resume to target jobs you want to apply for online. If over 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Applicant Tracking Systems, and 75% of candidates never make it past these systems, you want to have a trick up your sleeve to make the 25%. We’ve got you covered!

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