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“#BURNITDOWN” Campaign, BURNOUT coming soon. Cleanse the Toxicity.

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“#BURNITDOWN” Campaign, BURNOUT coming soon. Cleanse the Toxicity.

COLUMBUS, OH – As we continue to mature mentally and physically, it’s no secret that we begin to learn more about ourselves. Reflecting on our life choices becomes imminent and getting rid of patterns and mindsets that no longer serve us becomes crucial. Burning down our traumas, fears, and distractions becomes the next frontier.

it’s (i) aggressively reminds us of these truths in their new single “BURNOUT” which releases May 28th. They seek to inspire all with the power of spirituality, togetherness, and lightheartedness. Up until the release, the band started a consistent regiment of fasting, physical activity, and meditation. “One of the most unique acts in the whole country” (Chase Irwin) are now less than 10 days away from releasing their first music video of the year produced by Solitude Studios, Nightroadstudio, & directed by it’s (i).

Jordan Johnson aka Bone Globe (producer/keyboardist/director) & Isaiah Boyd aka Unknown (rapper/singer/producer/engineer/festival entrepreneur) come together as it’s (i) to express high energy performances backed by Columbus music outlets such as Cloud City (Co owned by Isaiah Boyd),Matter (Isaiah is a Executive Producer with this company), & Tuned Up Magazine (just a few examples). Isaiah and Jordan have involved the city of Columbus by engaging local graphic designers, photographers, videographers, activists, and other musicians to cultivate the aforementioned single and upcoming album, “EGO II: Reflection”.

The duo ditch luxury cars in favor of electric scooters in their new music video.

This upcoming record lays the groundwork for a narrative the band is building called “The Story of Unknown”. The primary entity Unknown, loosely based on the band’s cofounder Isaiah, comes to Earth from a foreign plane, and is guided by the entity BETA to train his mind and body. In doing so, he ascends from his primal self “id” up to ego, superego, and eventually sits on the brink of being one with God. The story is meant to inspire society to continue to evolve our levels of self awareness, sparking social, economic, political, and environmental justice.

The story also serves to empower traumatized youth to heal and uncover their full potential. Coined by fans as “Galactic Pop”, it’s (i) want to redefine the hip hop genre. In doing so, they hope to inspire others to think independently and outside the box. In doing so, we can all start a healthy journey to healing and self-betterment.

About us:

We wish to inspire all to think openly and courageously. We value living in our own truths and self-expression. Further, we want to change the status quo of hip-hop. We want to highlight staying informed about government, healthcare, technology, and society above overindulging in luxuries, parties, and other things that don’t actually benefit people long term. Staying active in our communities over self-destructive actions will need to be the new wave if any major change is going to happen in the modern day.

An it’s (i) show typically incorporates different mediums of self expression into the events. This includes but is not limited to film, fashion, meditation, and energy healing. In doing this, we involve and promote members of the community with varying forms of expertise and build the artistic heartbeat of central Ohio. We consider our genre to be “galactic pop” – a blend of hip-hop and different genres including EDM, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Jazz, and more. We choose to incorporate different sounds into our music not just for the sake of it, but to fully embody the value of creating freely and not being shelved into one genre. We believe appealing to a demographic is more important than sticking to one sound.

it’s (i) was created by Isaiah Boyd (rapper, singer, producer, dancer) and Jordan Johnson (keyboardist, producer, creative direction) and they’ve partnered with other musicians/artists to add to the live experience. Others on our team include Armaun Payne (graphic video producer), Jason Harvell (filmmaker, director, & illustrator), DJ NuEarth Cassandra Young (project manager, dj), & Robbie Ohio (photographer, rapper)

Captured byRobbie Ohio

For booking, interviews, or other inquiries email: [email protected]

it’s (i) is on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music

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