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Meet The New Kings of Alternative Rock, RedrumSociety

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Meet The New Kings of Alternative Rock, RedrumSociety

Redrumsociety officially launched their band in 2008, during their junior year of high school. Zach Cohen originally founded the band with his best friend Dillion and a couple months later they added their two other good friends! The four of them were desperately trying to find a name for the band that would represent the message they wanted to get across in their music. Eventually, Zach, who is the lead guitar player and singer, came up with the name for the band from the last two movies he recently seen. He watched the movie “The Shining” and got the name “Redrum” and watched the movie “Dead Poets Society” and merged the two together for “Redrumsociety.”

Zach was completely kidding but the other members loved the name instantly and the rest is history! He still jokes about it to this today because he had no idea those two movies would be the inspiration he needed to come up with the band name. Shortly after launching the band, Dillion passed away from unfortunate circumstances and the remaining three members had to continue on in his legacy. “His spirit is with me every single time I pick up the guitar. Dillion is there. I do everything in his name. I made sure to keep the band going for him and that is why I never gave up and continued to pursue our dream,” Zach said.

After the passing of Dillion, when the band first formed they had to take a step back and regroup. They had to pick up the pieces and do it for Dillion’s legacy! Over 10 years in the music industry, Redrumsociety continues to keep his legacy alive! After a three year hiatus, Zach has re-introduced the band and is now climbing the billboard charts and claiming their throne as “the new kings of alternative rock.” Zach mentioned, “their band was influenced by the blues, delta blues, funk, folk, r&b, old pop, and alternative.” He also describes Redrumsociety’s attitude as “you think it and we will say it” or “F you with a smile = Redrumsociety.” It is safe to say Redrumsociety rocks to their own beat and lives life on their own terms. More to come from Redrumsociety so stay tuned and follow them on all their social media platforms @redrumsociety and check out their music on all the major music platforms.

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