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Finding A Pathway To Success Through Available Opportunity

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Finding A Pathway To Success Through Available Opportunity

UK – May 20, 2020 – We have all heard that famous expression, “When opportunity knocks, answer,” but we have not always heeded that excellent old-fashioned advice. Whether it is due to fear, anxiety, skepticism, or the inability to recognize opportunity when it arrives, we have all been guilty of not grabbing onto a good idea when we saw it.

Well, if you have been seeking a way to earn a little extra income to pay down the credit card bills or if your greatest wish is to make a full-time living, then you need to grab any opportunity that comes your way. This was the case of Aryaman Ashok Shankar.

Aryaman Ashok Shankar is a 14-year-old kid. He has managed to independently make a lot of money, including assets and profits from his own shoe business.

Born and raised in India, he was bullied frequently in school, mainly because of his physical appearance while growing up. When he was eleven, his parents sent him to Singapore for better educational opportunities. This not only gave him a new environment to learn in but to slowly gain independence as an individual and a businessman.

He was burdened by the unkind remarks people always had for him in the past, but he soon learned that the best revenge was one’s success. He poured all his time and effort into starting his shoe business — finding various opportunities to innovate and earn big profits.

Since he was a young boy, he has been impressed with the large sneaker industry with its endless variety of models and innovative style. The sneaker shoes always rank first in among the shoe list for they serve a variety of purposes. It has got multiple faces as casual shoes, dance shoes, and athletic shoes irrespective of gender. Men, women, boys, girls, and kids have a massive lot of sneakers in front of them, and each type has its remarking features.

While the rise of the sneaker market has tracked the steady surge of streetwear and “ironic” style in fashion, the resale market for sneakers has boomed. Brands take advantage of the wildfires of social media and collaborations to grow demand for their products. Cynics will scoff at the hot air, but there’s no denying that hype is a winning strategy for both Brands and resellers alike.

Investment bank Cowen & Co put the global sneaker resale market at US$2 billion in July 2019 and projected that by 2025, the value of the market could triple to US$6 billion.

People have been obsessed with sneakers at least since the ’80s when Run-DMC wrote an ode to Adidas, but the secondary market’s current form is relatively new. Whereas before sneaker hobbyists existed only in an insular world of online forums, message boards, and sneaker conventions, now they find each other on Instagram’s explore page and in dedicated Facebook groups where the strongest collectors build followings and fame around sneaker closets. Which is one reason a 14-year-old kid could make a place for himself at the center of it.

He learned to wait in lines to buy limited edition shoes, later reselling them to clients patiently. Was he ready to shop for the best collection in the versatile world of shoes? Thus, the sneakers which offer the best pieces to quench people’s fashion thirst and make them relish the perfection in their actions.

His elder sibling Shreyas Ashok Shankar assumed a significant job, in the beginning, his business of exchanging shoes. According to him, he generally admired him as a more youthful sibling. He considered him to be a guide. At the point when he initially began, the plan to start the business was from his sibling with his recommendation, Aryaman conveyed his own to make the arrangement reality. Shreyas was the person who showed him how to converse with customers and keep them fulfilled so they would continue purchasing from him.

By the time he was thirteen, his business began to take off, and with the help of dropshipping, and he was able to earn more and more money. He admits that his business venture was not easy. There is always a struggle to survive and overcome at the beginning of every endeavor, but his strive for success is what motivated him to put faith in his business without losing hope.

Also, his parents were a significant piece of his success in such a case that if it wasn’t for them and his uncle K.S Channapa he wouldn’t be the individual he is and where he is throughout everyday life. His parents gave him the most fabulous opportunity by sending him to another country to examine and become familiar with the world. His uncle made him the individual who he is today by mentioning to him what is right and evil. His uncle showed him how to be modest and always to remember his foundations.

The motivation he got from his principle and his granddad was pivotal to his success. The two of them originated from extremely humble beginnings and afterward rose to become critical players in their fields. They both consistently treated him as though he was a grown-up before his grandparents. They, in every case, became the best guidance when he had specific contentions he needed to survive. MV Shankaran, his granddad from his dad’s side, showed him how to show restraint in anything he chooses to do throughout everyday life, which was something his grandad took the acknowledgment that he was deficient. His granddad from his mom’s side Thimme Gowda was a significant impact on him as he was shown how business functions; he showed him how to play his cards brilliantly.

He understood that since he has found the key to creating a great stream of income, he has found a way to increase his earnings by reinvesting into more inventory and continue to resell. He never gets stuck in one single pattern of work or thought, but instead expands his business and takes risks whenever necessary. These have yielded him the most significant gains. Reinvesting his investment earnings wisely, rather than spending it on the things he may want at the moment, are the secret behind his success and a way he has been using to really expand his wealth and continuously double his income over and over again.

Still balancing student life versus work, there is still much he has to learn as a person and an entrepreneur.


Aryaman Ashok Shankar is a 14-year-old boy, born and raised in India. He has managed to independently make a stable income, including assets and profits from his own shoe business.

Social Media: Instagram: aryamaan_fc

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