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Dr. Ali Cadili participated in a radio interview over the weekend

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Dr. Ali Cadili participated in a radio interview over the weekend

Dr. Ali Cadili participated in a radio interview over the weekend

Regina’s own Dr. Ali Cadili participated in a radio interview over the weekend. Dr. Cadili is bringing a new procedure into Saskatchewan, a non-invasive body sculpting procedure. The procedure differs from liposuction, as liposuction is a surgery that permanently removes fat and reshapes the body. Cadili’s non-invasive procedure uses machines, such as cool sculpting, that reshapes the body temporarily with just an applicator on the skin.

What is Cool Sculpting?

The CoolSculpting uses cold freezing technology to freeze the fat, and then Hot Sculpting destroys the fat cells through heat, rather than cold, and the fat cells are gone. This technology works by permanently removing the fat cells on the body, so there are less cells.

Is it a new technology?

The technology has been around and quite popular for a while now. Never before has this tech, or the procedure, been available to Saskatchewanians in Saskatchewan. Dr. Cadili is the first to bring this tech to the Saskatchewan area, right here in Regina. Cadili faced a lot of obstacles to starting up this business, but because of his medical background, he was able to have fun too, “(…) and I’ve got to tell you, that was a walk in the park,” Cadili says about his medical career. “Training in the medical world, practicing medicine, I mean [,] it has its difficulties and challenges of course [,] but you have a specific set of training [,] and then you follow certain (…) parameters [.] [The latter} has proven to be much more difficult,” Dr. Cadili speaks of his medical career, and how he found the set out paths to take more difficult to choose and follow than making his own path.

Opening a business

Of opening a business, Dr. Cadili is quoted as saying, “(…) it is venturing into very unsafe territory [.] (…) Everybody is paid up front (…) [,] and then it depends on you [,] how you make (…) it back[?]” Cadili knew that opening his medical practice, and later, his School of Natural Aesthetics, was a gamble, but he was willing to take the risk to do something with his life that benefited people in the best way, “(…) work [to] make a splash and impact in the world”. Cadili looked forward to hiring people and providing a stable source of income for Regina residents, as well as providing the medical procedures that can help people live the way they want to. Cadili’s favourite part of owning his own business is the freedom he has as boss, “(…) there’s no central authority (…) pulling in a different direction according to their own interests.” Dr Cadili also enjoys being able to fill his days with as much work as he desires, and he loves being busy, and loves the challenge, although he warns, “it’s not as easy as it may look.”

Dr Cadili finishes off his radio interview with providing listeners with his contact information so that they can ask any questions of him they may have, “I think the best way they can reach [out, is by visiting] our website.”

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