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Green Focused Coffee Innovation Creates Paradigm Shift For Automotive Industry

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Green Focused Coffee Innovation Creates Paradigm Shift For Automotive Industry

Green Focused Coffee Innovation Creates Paradigm Shift For Automotive Industry

Porsche enthusiast, BRC CEO, Jason Roe shows the new color 911 Turbo. Automobile industry may not be the only major contributor to carbon and greenhouse. “We can no longer keep quite about how coffee is drum roasted using afterburners, in an era consciously concerned for greenhouse the millennial deserves to be told more about coffee roasting emissions,” says Roe.
The Automobile industry is going electric to reduce greenhouse emissions. Car dealers serve 700 ton of coffee a year to their customers as part of service. The coffee is mostly roasted using drum roasters, a roasting process that requires gas after burning. Parallel to a coffee drum roasters used for 1 hr is a 400 horse power fuel car driven hard for 1 hr. Best Roast Coffee uses fluid bed Air Roasting. The air roasting eliminates after burning and reduces greenhouse emissions.

Premium specialty organic coffee company Best Roast Coffee (BRC) is widely known for their unique proprietary coffee blend, and using more modern air-roasting process. The company is positioned to open its carbon free organic coffee big-box grocery store espresso bar solution to premium car brands in their dealerships. Jason Roe author of the non fiction book “The Force Is In You” and CEO of BRC feels strongly the need to focus on reducing carbons.

The coffee roasting industry Roe believes should as a whole step up and start looking for ways to change from processes that he says requires gas after burning, as part of coffee roasting. The idea Mr Roe is presenting is the coffee industry should be eliminating gas after burning from its current coffee roasting process all together. It is something the governments can encourage, as they did to the auto industry so publicly already. Mr. Roe in his book challenged Einstein theories and is an unconventional thinker. millennial news feed caught up with Mr ROe to discuss the Coffee industry in more detail.

Mr Roe’s Science Based Non Fiction Book

“The Force Is In You” found here on Amazon

Mr. Roe recently praised a car dealers in Florida for thinking outside the box. The dealers under most franchise agreements between car manufactures and authorized dealers are all left to make their own choice on the coffee they serve. Roe says, “I believe in standardization and to effect that BRC can offer car dealers their own private label certified carbon free organic coffee”. In February 2020 at the news of the on boarding of a new Florida car dealership came through to Mr Roe. The car dealerships customer experience and service division has now onboard with the goal of serving Organic Certified Carbon Free coffee to its customers, at the dealership. “Very clever” said Roe “The decision to pull the trigger on the carbon reduced coffee takes carbon emissions and greenhouse reduction beyond the car into the coffee sector”. A smart move, Roe praises because itgives the local car dealership a green currency customers can see, and itbetter aligns the internal coffee customer service elements, with the direction of most car manufactures going electric. Mr Roe says “Reducing carbon can be applied to coffee too, an industry that uses afterburners to roast the coffee most people drink every day”. Mr. Roe said “Porsche, BMW, Toyota, and many others all have electric in their fleet now, serving traditional roasted coffee using drum roast and after burning process may not be aligned with the direction manufactures, and we all know how mechanics feel about alignments. A business is no different says Roe the internal elements need to aligned with the outward direction or the business will go off the road and its stock prices will fall when the internal elements are not aligned with the vision of the company.” 

It makes sense for car dealers who are changing their trajectory to now use new energies that cause fewer emissions to power cars in favor of fuel. It also makes sense for the car industry to align its internal service elements with the advertised direction,and to do that they can serve coffee roasted with newer technologies less harmful to the environment too. “According to the Coffee Universe article just 1 hr on a coffee drum roasting machine, is the equivalent of a 400 horsepower car driven hard for one hr” said Roe. “The question becomes; Do car dealers who are targeting the lowering of carbon emissions with the introduction of electric cars now want to continue to serve drum roasted coffee, when they know serving air roasted coffee is shown to reduce greenhouse emissions caused by coffee roasting by up to 80%”Roe says “I was just recently given coffee purchasing invoices for one car brand group. From the invoices, we were able to determine their group alone with over 1200 locations across the USA was using about 700 tones of coffee a year in the USA. The car dealers are giving coffee away as espresso and latte’s free to their customers and their staff every day at the car dealerships”. Roe Says, “When I came to the 700 tone discovery, it was then confirmed, what I perceived all along. The impact on greenhouse reduction in the coffee industry can be large, if all car dealers just change their internal policy to only serve coffee roasted with no after-burning. Such an internal policy shift will align the car companies with their green ambition. Moreover, it will compel most all coffee roasting companies in the USA to shift to a more greenhouse friendly process for roasting coffee,” said Roe. If all the car dealers and brands got together and actually acted to support this coffee roasting greenhouse emission reduction idea, under the circumstances it will stop the after burning in the coffee roasting industry all together. “Profound it is”, says Mr. Roe who schooled at Harvard. Its innovative and disruptive say Roe. This coffee idea for car dealers checks all the boxes for the Harvard “Jobs To Be Done” theory part of the Harvard Disruptive Strategy, I was taught by the late professor Clayton Christensen. Said Roe. “Professor Clayton Christensen awarded the Number 1 thinker among the business community of the USA is a man whose ideas, will live on in me and many others. Clayton Christensen has inspired me for life, his theories and ideas will continue to impact the thinkers of the world forever.” says Roe.

Jason Roe shows his Harvard Disruptive Strategy credentials 

It makes sense for car dealers who are changing their trajectory to now use new energies that cause fewer emissions to power cars in favor of fuel. It also makes sense for the car industry to align its internal service elements with the advertised direction, and to do that they can serve coffee roasted with newer technologies that are less harmful to the environment too. “According is interesting, because of the scale car dealers have. Given their number of locations, car dealers are positioned to actually cause a shift to the second largest traded commodity in the world (coffee) to cleaner roasting methods. “The car dealers don’t seem to consider or realize the power they have to cause the coffee industry change” said Roe. “When I discovered just one car group alone buys 700 tone of coffee a year in the USA, BRC offered to supply Air Roasted Coffee. The next logical thought I had, was to recognize if every car manufacturer switched the coffee it gives away at the dealership levels every day to more energy efficient roasting to drive down carbon emissions, it will cause a paradigm shift in Coffee roasting, and greenhouse emissions coffee industry creates. One can’t even begin to fathom the ton of coffee that will amount too. A person would need to calculate the number of actual Hyundai dealers, Kia, Toyota, Ford and all other car dealers and brands. Just one of our roasting machines has the capacity to Air Roast 600 ton a year, so BRC would be able to handle the large-scale demand. It is a large number over 10, 000 locations. They are all giving away coffee every day, as part of their customer service. Just a simple act of changing their internal policy to only serve certified carbon free coffee, will shift the trajectory of coffee industry and coffee roasting. A non perceived Idea it is, so I registered it and own the Patent pending says Roe. “I like what Volkswagen is doing in its marketing too, “Drive something bigger than yourself” this idea is aligned with such a statement. A car company can shift a whole sector (Coffee) to green simply by Driving something bigger than itself” and that is a market disruptive car company”. The other issue in the farming industry is chemicals, called pesticides. BRC coffee position remains unchanged, spraying chemicals on coffee is not good for the planet or person drinking the pesticide sprayed coffee plant. CEO Mr Roe says “So at the very least, if we want to drive something to make a difference on the planet we should drive the organic values too, and support organic farming by serving only organic coffee”.

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