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Herold Financial IQ’s New Book Series Shows Readers How to Manage Their Money in a Much Better Way

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Herold Financial IQ’s New Book Series Shows Readers How to Manage Their Money in a Much Better Way

Herold Financial IQ has just released their latest book series for those who want to effectively manage their finances. The 16-book series which can be referred to as financial dictionary or financial glossary is a comprehensive list of various financial words or concepts that you are likely to come across in your financial expedition. Herold Financial IQ book series covers all aspects of the financial market and explains over 1000 financial terms. Herold Financial IQ educates the readers and lays out an action plan for those faced with financial realities.

Finances can be intimidating for many, whether they are fresh out of college or have been in the workforce for several years. This financial dictionary explains things in an approachable, easy-to-understand manner, so you can manage your personal finances with confidence and be more engaged in the process. Every financial term is explained in detail, with clear and concise article style description and practical examples.

The first book in the series known as ’99 Financial Terms Every Beginner, Entrepreneur & Business Should Know’ is a financial dictionary that contains 99 important, and most commonly used business finance terms and definitions in alphabetical order. The book cost is 99 cents which makes it very affordable. People are highly encouraged to get this book as it will be beneficial to them.

Herold Financial IQ book series is helpful to those with financial knowledge as well as those truly starting anew. The books will prove to be a valuable service for anyone seeking practical knowledge and a game plan for being in command of their finances. This financial glossary is useful to anyone who feels overwhelmed or disorganized and wants to be more engaged in managing their financial affairs.

Four audio versions of the series are already available on Amazon, Audible & iTunes. Learning financial terms by simply listening is a great way to brush up on financial knowledge. All of the 16 books will be available for interested readers by the end of the year. The Herold Financial also has an online financial terms dictionary where financial terms and phrases are explained.

Thomas Herold shares: “The good news is that you don’t have to be an accountant or a financial planner to negotiate in the world of business finance. The Herold Financial IQ series covers all major areas and aspects in the financial world. Starting with Personal Finance, Real Estate and Banking term. Covering Corporate Finance, Investment as well as Economics. Also includes Retirement, Trading, and Accounting terms. In addition, you’ll find Debt, Bankruptcy, Mortgage, Small Business, and Wall Street terminology explained. Not to forget Laws & Regulations as well as important acronyms and abbreviations.”

Herold Financial IQ book series goes for any race, religion or sex. You can buy any book in the series and give it to people that you love. Readers interested in this spirited work can purchase Herold Financial IQ book series on Amazon and other book stores. For more info please go to

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