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Protecting intellectual property in 0.5 seconds. How DEIP leverages blockchain to revolutionize IP protection

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Protecting intellectual property in 0.5 seconds. How DEIP leverages blockchain to revolutionize IP protection

Patenting or trademarks – together with the traditional mechanisms of intellectual property protection – often don’t assure full security of sensitive assets. Simply putting it, they are not as fast and agile enough to do it. Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way how IPs are managed, offering full protection. Among these revolutionary technologies, we find DEIP blockchain.

DEIP is an IP Protection platform developed by a Silicon Valley blockchain technology company. Using DEIP, you can certify any document – scientific research papers, inventions, trade secrets, contracts, and more – proving it was created on a certain date and time.

Getting started with DEIP is very easy. Go to their website, create an account, and upload a document that you want to certify. In 0.5 seconds, the platform will issue a certificate, which is an official and legally binding proof of the existence and ownership of a document. 


The certificates have legal value since the mechanisms lying behind DEIP (blockchain-based time stamping and hashing) are recognized by leading legislations (the US, European Union and China).

The platform doesn’t use a third-party technology, instead uses its own, developed internally by DEIP blockchain engineers.

As per the words of DEIP CEO Alex Shkor: “blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger which has a great potential for intellectual property protection due to some of its inherent characteristics”. He adds, “for example, immutability: once a document is registered on the blockchain, no one can change the date and time of registration. Or auditability: any independent third party can verify that the document was indeed registered on August 12th at 4:45 PM”.

DEIP brings speed and cost-effectiveness to IP protection compare to existing IP protection existing mechanisms like patenting or trademarks. This added value that DEIP brings to IP protection is what makes it a great solution. With the platform, you don’t need to physically go anywhere with your documents waiting for 2 or 3 years (this is how long it takes today to get a patent). Instead, you can have all process completed in 0.5 seconds. The cost of one certificate starts from $4.99, depending on the subscription plan you choose.

DEIP IP Protection platform is just part of a big ecosystem that DEIP is building, the Open Innovation Network. It includes different products built around IP assets and allowing to extract the maximum value out of them. The major focuses of Open Innovation Network are monetizing IP as well as establishing partnerships and collaboration using automated contracts (like NDAs, partnership agreements, etc.). The Network also allows finding worldwide best-fitted experts to support your projects and making unbiased rating and evaluation of projects for agile decision making and funding. 

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